Monday, June 01, 2009

Wanna Be like Simple Mom

I read about 50 blogs. Give or take 25 - 75. I like blog, ok?

All of my personal friends' blogs are in my Google Reader but the rest I keep in a bookmark widget on my iGoogle homepage. They are categorized by theme 'Mom blog', 'Craft', 'Scrapbook' are the three main titles (I also follow some Daddy blogs and a few other rando ones). After some soul searching I realized that I would like very much for my blogs to have a direction...a these women do. But at the heart and soul of the matter, I don't have a focus. I have chaos. I like a lot of things and I like to blog about them. One of my favorite local blogs is one about the cleanliness of public restrooms in Santa Barbara. It's educational! And I have an obsession with public restrooms so this feeds my neurosis. WHY don't all restrooms keep a trashcan next to the door?? And a wall hook for my bag too much to ask?? So, what's my point....

Instead of trying to pretend my blog has a POINT, I'm going to do what I do best and Copy other bloggers! Every now and then I am going to post about a blogger that I follow and why I WannaBe like her/him. Sometimes I'll participate in a project they share. Other times it might be the style in which they write. Maybe I'll read a book someone recommends or try a recipe. Mostly, I think, I'll be following detailed instruction offered by anyone of my favorite authors.

Most of my fav blogs regularly share their genius in How-To format. I like this. Tell me exactly how to (pack a Bento box, create a decal t-shirt, become more organized, etc.), please.

This post is an homage to Simple Mom who completely fascinates me. Pretty much I want to copy her exactly in everything she does. This month I'm going to start 'simple' and take a shot at Monthly Meal Planning. She explains exactly how she does it here. It's already Monday so I'm going to have to do all my planning for the first week of June tonight (ideally I should have started this about a week ago).

My Goal: To save money, be prepared and help move the evening activities along smoothly
Why now: We are in town all of June!

I'll post my June Meal Plan in a separate post! Wish me luck. And thanks, Simple Mom for the encouragement and advice! You make it look so easy.

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Tsh said...

You're sweet! Thanks so much for being a reader -- it's people like you who've made the blog what it is.