Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Shack

I finally finished reading The Shack last night. At 1AM.

I started reading it a couple of weeks ago while in Texas at Dana's and at Tessa's but had to leave before I finished the book. Kevin bought it and completed it on the trip home and then left it on the plane! I refused to buy another copy anywhere else other than Costco b/c they have it for only $9. So, we bought it this past weekend and I read the second half of the book last night.

There is a lot of hype about this book and I get it. Really incredible and tragic story that had me completely engrossed. It was full of thought provoking and insightful material. And I was completely satisfied with the ending. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. Kevin and I are actually going to read it again together and try to digest some of the heavy stuff that is easy to skim over the first time around. I had to stop reading a couple of times and really dwell on what I was reading. I'm not going to reveal the book but the part about forgiveness really rocked me.

I found it odd that Satan, demons and spiritual warfare were never discussed. Especially when angels appear. Biblically they are always at battle yet the book never brings it up. Also not so sure I want to see the movie that the author seems to really want to make. I feel like it might clash with the images in my head. And I can't imagine it being as powerful as reading the book? But I'm sure there will be a movie and hopefully it will answer a lot of questions for those who do not have anything to believe in.

Definitely recommend the book. Look forward to reading it again!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Evidence of Age

7:30PM - Nurse Mia
7:45 PM - End nursing session
7:55PM - Notice the cute ear imprint on my arm from aforementioned nursing session
8:00 - 8:30PM - Grocery shop
8:45PM - Notice that the ear imprint is STILL neatly embossed on my arm - an hour after nursing!
8:46PM - Google 'loss of skin elasticity'....only to find that my initial diagonsis is accurate:


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Long Time, No Blog!

If you've been missing us it's because we've been in Tejas! We spent two weeks in the Land of 200 Degrees and had an absolute blast - in spite of the sweat circles. We flew into Austin where we were able to borrow my very awesome Aunt & Uncle's car for our entire trip. This saved us hundred's of dollars. Such a huge blessing! After landing, waiting for K&B's plane (yes, we weren't able to fly together), collecting all 24 of our bags, shuttling to the auto park and watching Kevin have a near hysterical breakdown trying to install our two car seats into Gus & Gal's car in the sweltering Texas heat - we were off!

The Sellars family graciously gave us their home for the first part of our trip while they were at Family Camp. This was such a HUGE gift to our family. We had plenty of room for everyone (even Mom was able to stay with us) and Brody was able to enjoy a literal toy wonderland!

They returned on Saturday and we spent the next two days and nights just playing our faces off! Check out this photo of the entire crew. Left to right: Brody, Eli, Ezra, Mia, Ean, and Ella Bella. Dana and Scott have an amazing team of babies. We so enjoyed spending time with all of them and especially enjoyed visiting their church on Sunday.

On Monday, we moved into Arlington to spend the night with the McCook Fambily. Oh, my gosh. I love this family. Tessa, as always, was an incredible hostess. I have to mention the incredible mini-burgers she served. Um. Delicious. Sophie and Landry were precious with Brody. I think he caught himself a little crush in miss Sophia! And why the heck wouldn't he? Look at this baby girl!!During our first week in Texas we had so much fun seeing so many friends. We enjoyed a full & super fun day with the Mangrem's, a really fun morning with Julie and Landon, and a wonderful visit with our sweet Sue Sue. We also had enjoyed an awesome lunch date with Uncle Roland! Dinner dates with Whitney & Chad and Nooch & Stephanie. Listen, we were VERY busy and it was great!

After a week in the Metroplex, we packed up and returned to Austin for a few days with Papa Joe. This was the first time Papa Joe had met with Mimi so it was a sweet time. We also got to celebrate Dad's birthday! We absolutely love Gus & Gal's property in Liberty Hill. It is the most rustic yet chic place imaginable. We felt like we were at a resort and on a farm at the same time! Their property line ends in the middle of the river in their back yard and this year there was water. We had so much fun. Gus & Gal [Great Aunt Al & Great Uncle Steve] returned on Thursday and we had the pleasure of hanging out with them and Dad that evening.

On Friday, Summer and Kids came all the way from San Antonio for a playdate in Austin! It was so much fun to connect with Zoomie again and see her gorgeous babies. I can't believe we're all growed up with kids and stuff. So nuts!

This trip was so much fun. We all really enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. I love my friends so much. Being able to play with them was such a blast. I love that Kevin gets along with my friends so well. I love that my family is so gracious and wonderful. I love that so many of us has little ones who will be able to grow up together. Even tho we don't live down the street from each other our kids will always know each other and celebrate each other's successes in life.

Thank you to all of you for making time for us, room for us, and giving us so much love! I miss you all already! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mia Letter: 3 Months

Yes, you are really this cute! I know. It's hard to imagine but, Mia-girl, you're a real cutie pie. This month has been super fun. First, and most exciting, you finally started smiling for us! It was a long time coming and you're still sort of particular about who you'll grant smiles too but when you do...oh, man...they stop our hearts. Thank you for your smiles.

You also started cooing big time! You chatter and coo and squeek all the time. A lot of times, to the bears on your swing. I think they're your best friends. But you give us good converstation too. It's absolutely music to our ears. Thank you for your coos.

AND you laughed this month. Shortly after you started loosening up with your smiles. You gave me a couple of really awesome chuckles a couple of weeks ago when I was helping you do stand up exercises. I called the boys in and sure enough, you laughed for them too. Daddy and Bubba were smiling from ear to ear. You make us so proud. You laugh when we tickle under your chin too. Every time. Maybe having an extra chin makes you more ticklish? I don't know but thank you for that laughter.

You've had some congestion this month, poor baby. Your nose doesn't actually run but there is a lot of rattling in your breathing. But you still sleep like a champ so I don't think it's bothering you too much. We are traveling again this week so I hope it doesn't get worse.This month you got to meet your Aunt Sharron, Uncle Don and Great Grandma (GiGi) in Colorado. You were terrific on the plane both ways. Daddy upgraded me to FC on both flights so I got to enjoy lunch and bottomless Coke's while you slept like a little princess. No fair that you've flown FC as an infant when I had to wait till my 30's! The flying didn't seem to bother you at all (especially the noisey jumper flights - you sacked out!). In Colorado we got to spend lots of good time with your cousins Briella and Malena, Uncle Jon & Aunt Tammy and Mor Mor & PaPa. It was a really terrific time - we miss you all aready!

This month you also had your 2month check up. You are officially a chunky baby. 97% for weight, thankyouverymuch. Your height and head size were normal. I think you're perfect. I wish you were chubbier, in fact. We'll work on that, ok? You were so good during your shots. There were SIX! You didn't react until the end of the 2nd shot and by the time you finished your first wail the shots were done. We nursed (and I subsequently leaked everywhere) and you were fine. A bit fussy for a couple of days but nothing too tramatic.

This month, Daddy had his first week-long business trip since you were born. I am not going to lie, I was terrified. I scheduled our entire week so that we had company almost every afternoon and on the two mornings that Bubba isn't in school. The week practically flew by and I only got a little crazy in the evenings. Let's just say, I was ready for bed at the end of the day. YOU were terrific. Sleeping your face off as usual. Waking once in the middle of the nights (you've been waking around 4am recently and then ready for the day by 7:30 or 8AM). I just really have no complaints, Sis. Thank you for being so easy!