Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Coupon Book

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This is my Coupon Book. My beloved binder full of discounts. I know it seems a bit crazy (I think 'obsessive' was the word my sister used) but I can't tell you how excited I am about my little Coupon Book!

I bout my love green 1" binder at Office Max for $1.50. The blue zipper bag was another $2.00. I keep my calculator, sharpie pens and special discount cards in the mesh bag on the front. In side the bag I store all of my receipts. I've never done this before but I'm hoping it will help me figure out how much I actually spend on groceries, office supplies, restaurants, clothes, gifts, etc. I could also look at my bank statement, I suppose but I sometimes pay for things with cash so I'm going to try this method for a while. Plus, it's nice to keep all my receipts in one place in case I need to return/exchange anything - I always know where to find my recipt!

Inside I have 10 tabs. I organized them in respect to how my local grocery store is organized:
(1) Produce, Sauces, Pastas
(2) Beverages, Dairy
(3) Cereal, Baking
(4) Freezer
(5) Snacks & Gum
(6) Household - cleaning supplies
(7) Meat/Deli
(8) Meds
(9) Beauty & Baby
(10) Catilinas - I'll explain more about Catalinas in a seperate post

I use baseball card sheet protectors for my coupons. I tried keep them in an accordian file thingie for a while and it was just mayhem. This system allows me to quickly sort and find my coupons! They are $2.99 for a pack of 10 at Office Max and this is the cheapest I've found them in town. I'm on 4 packs now and wish I had one more but am trying to reign in desire to hunt and gather coupons and start working harder at hunting and gathering the savings from USING the coupons! I've found that I'm a bit of a hoarder :)

In the clear bag ($.99 at Office Max), I store random coupons - usually store specific (all my Walgreen-only coupons might be there, for example) and my scissors. The very last item is my rebate forms.

I don't have any pocket folders in my binder but I think I should. I might upgrade to a 1.5" binder and add a few pocket pages to store store circulars and the print outs I pull off of other coupon blogs.

There you have it. My handy, dandy, dear and darling little green Coupon Book.

I love my Coupon Book. I think I'll call her Sandy.

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