Monday, July 18, 2011


Needed to get this on pintrest....
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Monday, March 07, 2011

I Heart Faces: Best Face in Feb.

Presenting, Mianna. On this sunny afternoon we were playing "Show Me {Emotion}". I said, "Show me 'Happy'" and this is the face I got. I know it made this momma pretty happy!
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Monday, February 28, 2011

I heart Faces

My entry for this week's Anything But Faces challenge.

I love this picture. I actually took this a few weeks ago during in impromptu 'Show Me' session. I'd say, "Show me 'happy'" and she'd make this adorable happy face. Or sad or excited, etc. etc. Suddenly I saw her dirty finger nails and was horrified! So I made her pose them for me.

I just love the dirty nails and the skin tag thingies that turn up around the cuticles (name?). She's 100% girl. But this girl can get DIRTY! My lovely, dirty angel.

I love you, Mimi.
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

HCG.1 Day 16's been a few days since I've posted and to tell the truth: I've had some HIGHS and I've had some LOWS. Literally.

I've lost 12 pounds since I've started (but 14 pounds if you count the 2 lbs I gained from the gorge days). I'm pleased with that. 12 pounds in 16 days - that aint bad.

But today I felt depressed.

* I realized my husband was going out of town for 3 days instead of only 2, like I thought.

* We took down our Christmas tree {not depressed because of the lack of Christmas but the fact that it's super hard work and frankly, manual labor makes me depressed}.

* Little Mr. Man decided to literally cry every waking moment today.

* And it's Saturday and I knew that I did NOT have my beloved noodles from Saigon In & Out to look forward to this evening.

* I actually gained .6 pounds from yesterday

All in all, I felt pretty lousy. And feeling lousy made me feel like eating.

I actually didn't take my injection today (again). I forget in the morning - or wake up late, like today - and by the time I think I have time to do it it's already 11AM. I'm not sure if I should still take it but it just feels too late. Plus I've been on my period this week and the protocol says to skip injections on your period. I have zero likelihood of being pregnant (thanks to my tubal) so I'm not sure I really have to skip but I ended up skipping twice this week just in case.

Let's see...


* I lost almost 2 lbs on day 13
* I didn't cheat at all on day 12 and lost a pound!
* My head hunger seems to be decreasing
* Realizing that I've been weighing the food WRONG this whole my detriment. Such good news going forward!
* Realizing I'm at day 16! Only...10 to go if I decide to do the 26 day version!


* Sneaking bites of Betzhi's amazing chicken, onion, mashed potato casserole yumminess. Even ice cold it was delicious!
* This caused me to only loose .4 pounds
* I've stayed in the same pound (only gaining and loosing oz) for the past 3 days

The biggest disappointment of all is knowing that if I'd stop 'tasting' foods I actually drop into a new set of ten's {for example, say I weigh 130....losing 1 pound would put me in the 120's!!}. I'm literally tasting too. No big forkfuls....just a tiny taste. Maybe 1/night for the past 3 nights.

I know. I know. Stop cheating!!

Tomorrow. I promise.

Friday, January 21, 2011

HCG.1 Day 15

Today I created a veritable HCG Masterpiece! It was divine!

3.5 oz baked chicken
handful of cherry tomatoes
crushed garlic
seasoned with salt & pepper

Heated in a skillet for a few minutes...with only water

ON TOP of the Melba Toast

It was freaking gourmet, people!

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

HCG.1 Day....I don't know

I'm having a super weak moment. There is this amazing casserole in the fridge (down stairs fridge so it's not so easily accessible) and my mind keeps wandering to it. Just a bite. Just another bite, I should say. Oh, Lordy. I need to go to bed.

More tomorrow...

Monday, January 17, 2011

HCG.1 Day 11


Tonight I had to drive to LAX to pick up my sweet husband from the airport. He'd been in London for a week and I was so ready to see him that I didn't even want him to rent a car - I'LL COME GET YOU, HONEY!

Around 4:30PM - when I was JUST leaving to pick him up from a 6:45PM flight! - I realized this might be less fun than I first anticipated.

I thought New Baby and I would pop into Target to return Baby Girl's ballet slippers and...hmm...maybe take a look-see at the clearance deals. Well, no. I was rushing around the house trying to clean up until the very moment I left.

And 4:30PM on my way to LA. Right? Traffic was bad but I guess it could have been worse. I got there in time since he had to go thru customs and pick up luggage. We were headed home by 7:15PM.

And me without my food. Crap.

New Baby was getting fussy (after being a perfect angel for the 3 hour initial drive!!) and Hubs was hungry so we stopped at this sandwich place for dinner.

I told the guy, "I'm on a crazy diet where I can only eat chicken and lettuce and nothing else. Whatcha got?". He's all, "I can give you a dry side salad, no extras, add chicken." DONE. My sweet jet-lagged husband went ahead and ordered the ooey-gooey cheese dripping fried sourdough number that had me salivating at his every bite but whatever. I am woman.

Turns out the packet of chicken they put on the salad was 4 oz so I only had to take off a couple of pieces to feel like I had the 3.5 I'm allowed. That was a good deal b/c it seemed like a lot of chicken!

The biggest conundrum was: DRY GREENS. Gross, right? Well, while scanning the place for potential condiments my eyes happened upon the bowl of cut lemons next to the iced tea maker. BA-DING! I can have lemon! I squeezed 5 or 6 lemon wedges on those greens and lo and was damn tasty!! I ate everyone last bit of my dinner and it. was. good.

This was my first restaurant test and I think I passed with flying colors.

Oh, and they had this bread-side w/the salads. It smelled like I imagine all of Italy does - delicious. One day I'll go back to the sandwich shop and eat that bread. Mark my words.

I almost forgot the POINT of this message!

We got home around 9:30PM. Tired but happy. And what is the first thing I spy? A slice of Domino's pizza on the counter. As I gasp to turn my face from the offender my eyes land on a 1/2 eaten bowl of Saigon In&Out noodles that my sister left out. AGHH! Sput. Er. Eck. I gotta go!

After dunking my head in the toilet to pull myself out of the Tasmanian Devil episode my brain was having, I was presented with my I Love You gift from my London-come-lately sweetie pie: a box of Harrod's shortbread cookies.

These cookies make my gray clouds disappear. They right ALL the wrongs in the world. They are the sole meaning of life in a precious little tin box. And I can't even have one. Aggghhh....the pain and torture of it all.

Three of my most favorite edibles on earth sitting within my grasp. To deny myself like that was all at once the hardest thing I've had to endure on this diet and a moment I can truly be proud of myself. This is my burden. My cross to bear. I am not a slave to my wanton desires but the daughter of the Most High. Self-control is mine ONLY thru the saving Grace of God Almighty. I want to be there! That's my goal.

And the cookies are my goal prize. Truth.
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