Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Challenge Wednesday

I hate challenges and avoid them religiously. It's a not-noble characteristic and I know that. So, my new-year's resolution (I'm also a procrastinator) is to not only take on accept certain challenges but to also announce these challenges. Announcing them makes me accoutable - another thing I avoid at all cost. :)

The Big Challenge:

1.) Creating Keepsake's Hall of Fame 2007. I'm gonna enter! Entries are accepted from January 2, 2007-February 10, 2007. This is going to be a particularily difficult challenge as I haven't scraped a single complted page in years. I really want to stretch myself artistically and I love scrapbooking so this challenge is going to be an exciting opportunity and I ACCEPT!

So, every Wednesday I'm going to post a page. I appreciate all feedback on these layouts by Feb. 10th there should be about 14 (goal 10) layouts posted. I'm traveling for 3 weeks in November so I might not get to post every Wed of that month but I'll work to make up for it by doubling up in December.

Thanks in advance for keeping me focused on my self-subscribed challenge and for your encouragement. I look forward to getting started. Stay tuned for tonight's post!