Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bursitis, anyone?

I try to make a positive change and life turns around and kicks you in the knees. How rude. I finally psyched myself up for the challenge of getting back into shape. It's about time and quite frankly, I'm not sure how much longer I can use the 'I just had a baby' excuse. As good fortune would have it, I won a free 6week Body Boot Camp class at the Mother's Day 5k. Or Kevin bot it for me and told them to pretend that I won....we'll never know.

Besides winning the Boot Camp, I had been rejuvinated by the presence of my Bestie - Sarah. As Cara says, she has brought 'new life' to both Cara and I and we all found ourselves very excited about the prospect of toning up and losing weight and just being total babes by summer's end.

Day two of Boot Camp, I'm instructed to run a (timed) mile at the City College track. So, I'm jogging. Taking it easy...not trying to show off....not trying to push myself to run fast....just going at a steady pace and trying to enjoy it. My heart rate was good. I was breathing fine, it was hot but I knew I was doing ok for me. Round two I start to recognize a gnarly pain in my knees. It was feeling as tho someone was whacking a hammer againsts the inside of both knees with every stomp I took. By 3/4 of a mile, I was done. There was no more running for me - I walked the rest and finished at just under 15 minutes.

The next day is Wednesday and the girls, B and I decide to tackle the track together. I'm pushing B in the stroller b/c the knees were not feeling so hot [this was the 'carrie' day, incidentally]. The rest of the week only gets worse. I don't run on Thursday but still go to class. I also make a dr. appointment for the following Wednesday - the first available. The knees only got worse. I pretty much spent the whole weekend hobbling after Kevin and Brody. By the next Monday - I'm a mess. Can't hardly move my legs. Squatting works. Lifting my leg off the ground is a nightmare. It's pretty miserable.

Finally, I get to the dr. and she diagnoses bursitis (a small fluid filled sack) - aka Housemaid's Knee ;) Gave a prescription and sent me on my way. I find this whole thing to be very's been a rough year, what with physical exhaust, then kidney stones, then that wicked 48 hour flu and now BURSITIS?!?!? What is going on???????

So, 'Project Body' has moved into phase II. Low I come. And Lord help the knees. I'm tired of this pain!!!!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Save a Life - Check.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Cara, Sarah, Brody and I decided to try out the City College track on Wednesday. Sarah to start a running program, Cara to run 2 miles straight (show off) and Brody & I to 'stroll' the beast. A mile into it (ok...3/4 mile) Brody is fussy so we decide to crawl around on the lush green grass among the two playing squirrels. Minutes after I release Brody, a girl falls down in the nearby bathroom. Weird. I assumed she slipped. I call out, "Are you ok?". No response. I pick up B and walk quickly into the bathroom to find her - maybe 10 seconds after she fell - coming out of one of the stalls. You guys....remember the movie Carrie? There was an inch-deep hole in her head and dark, thick blood running in various streams down her face. From her forehead and from her nose/lip - couldn't really tell. Brody and I stare at her in horror. "We need to get you to the hospital", I say. She sways, "I think I hit my head." Oh hell. I realize quickly that getting her into the car and to the hospital is not an option and grab my phone. Thankfully, Sarah is jogging up at that very moment. Phone to my ear, I tell her to go help the girl in the bathroom. The second Sarah enters the, 'Carrie' passes out against the bathroom wall. Sarah, servant that she is, recognizes that she's overheated and starts pouring her water on the girl.

I'm explaining the situation to the 911 operator and realize that there might be a hero in the midst. I yell, "Is there a doctor or medical person on the track?!!!?!". Most people passed me by without a glance. One guy comes forward - a cop. While I was tracking down Cara so that she could meet the ambulance at the gate, Sarah was is talking to Carrie. Turns out she's passed out before; she's also extremely concerned about money to pay for hospital. Ultimately, her two cousins appear (two girls I know heard me call for medical help earlier) about the same time the fire department arrive. Turns out her sunglasses, which were on her head, had cut the square-shapped groove out of her forehead. I'm literally shocked that we weren't looking directly at Carrie's skull.

We leave. Dazed and confused and for the first time I realize that Brody is still in my arms and had seen the whole thing. He was so calm and good the whole time. It made me feel good to know that I could handle something dramatic like this and not flip . I'm sure I would have reacted differently if it had been someone I knew....but I like to think that I would remain cool and level-headed in crisis. Hopefully - prayerfully - I'll never have to find out.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Kevin, do you know?

So, tonight Kevin's senior staff took him (and me and Brody) to dinner at Stella Mares to thank him for his time as their manager. Next week he's transitioning out of the role he's held for the past four years into another position w/in the company. Before dinner they each gave Kevin a toast. It was really a special time. They each said such wonderful things!

E thanked him for his leadership and compassion. She said he was the most beautiful person she'd ever known (in so many words). She is also leaving the department, in part due to Kevin's departure.

V said that she came to work for the company just to work for him and thanked him for his mentorship. It was a really precious toast. I am certain that she will also leave w/in the year.

S thanked him for his patience. Isn't that the truth? One of Kevin's guiding rules is to never discipline a person who messes up when their intention was sincerely to the do the right thing. Not many other managers in the company react to crisis the same way Kevin does. He just believes in and supports his staff completely. Wouldn't be shocked if S also leaves the company this year.

M thanked him for his example and for welcoming him into his family. M really is a member of our family.

T also thanked him for his patience and leadership. T is very talented and so good at his job. He is going to be extremely successful. He also said that he felt like Kevin leaving is going to be a hurdle for him in his advancement in the company because he'd be losing Kevin's mentorship.

It was really special. Kevin went on to give a really excellent speech about the importance of having passion for what you do and that he wants to start a 'grassroots' effort to get our company back to caring about the freaking customer instead of focusing on destroying the competition. I wonder if he knows that he had the full attention of his audience while he spoke? I wonder if he knows how sexy he is when he talks about what he's passionate about? I wonder if he knows how great of a leader and mentor and human being he really is? The last several months have really been tough for him. For the fist time in his life he feels like he's been unsuccessful in his job.

Honey, I hope you see how much you matter. I hope you see how much of an influence you have on those around you. I hope you realize how good you are at what you do. I hope you find excitement for your job again. I hope you realize how pround I am to have you as a husband.

I love you.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Body Boot Camp

Today was the day, folks. I started my BODY BOOT CAMP! A six-week, three-days-a-week program w/7 other chubettes in beautiful sunny Santa Barbara. Why would I, a tv loving, Coca-colaholic, french fried loving lazy person join such an endeavor? I won it. Yep. I won the Body Boot Camp in a drawing at the Mother's Day 5K. I never expected to win such a thing and truth be known, it was the last thing I wanted to win. But I'm really glad I did. I've been gaining weight ever since I stopped nursing (at 12 months). And the daily consumption of at least 32oz of Coke is creating quite a "spare tire" situation. Not good. So, I have to make some changes:

#1. No more cokes. Today marks day #3 of my no-coke resolution. And I think I deserve a coke.
#2. Two miles a day. I need to walk/run at least 2 miles/day in one attempt (not a combined total). I have yet to accomplish this goal.

I plan to lose 30 pounds in three months. THIRTY POUNDS!??!, you say? Yep. I think the first 10 will fall off thanks to the Coke ban and the working out. For the remaining 20 pounds, I'll be returning to my low carb diet (#3). It's really the best plan for me.

Kevin and I are going on a cruise for our 4 year (I know!) anniversary in August. I want to be able to be comfortable in shorts again. I used to have some fine-looking legs, if I do say so myself. Time to get on the ball. The fact that Cara and Sarah are also persuing similar goals is a huge help. While I was Boot Camping, they both had a good run. Then we came home, ate sushi & salad, had a glass of wine (and lots of water [#4]), watched a DVRed episode of CSI and went to bed. Feelen good....

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Why I Read Blogs Every Day....

I read a cool article on the drive to Vegas yesterday in Inc. Magazine. The author reads business blogs every day to help her in her business. I have just jumped on the blog bandwagon but I feel like a lifer already. Here are some of the cool things she had to say...
"The blogosphere is a vast, anonymous, and surprisingly intimate place inhabited by all manner of exotic creatures--or is it just that blogging brings out the exotic in people?...In an age when everyone is talking about information overload, this may seem like more than one wants or needs to know about any total stranger, but I find quite the opposite: This is exactly the kind of information that helps me decide whom I really want to listen to."
I like that. It's true. I also allows me to cyber stalk some very interesting people!! AND it makes me realize that my blog needs direction. I'm going to think about this.....
Fairy Fortunata...

If I had a genie who could grant me just one wish it would be to have two hours and $200 to spend ALONE at Target. Is that two wishes? I'm gonna say no.

I think about my girlfriends like Summer and Dana who have three babies and wonder how on earth they do it?! I know those girls go to Target. How do they manage it. I haven't been on a leisurely Target trip in...I don't know how long?! Four years? I should explain first that Santa Barbara doesn't have a Target (or an Old Navy, forthatmatter!). The nearest Target is about 35 miles and who has time to take a 'quick trip' to Target when it takes that long to get there? Not me. When I'm in a Target town (every other city in the country) I have to stop by a Target at least once. Today was the day...

We're in Vegas - Kevin has work - and I figured I'd take Brody to Target in the morning to gear up for his afternoon nap. The dysfunction started in the parking lot. He wanted my phone. So I called my mom and let him jabber to her while I got the cart and took all the necessary steps it takes to get a shopping cart prepared for a baby these days...10 minutes later, he's in the cart. But where are my keys? Fast foward 5 minutes and I find them in the pocket of the cart cover where I had so cleverly and purposefully put them. Let the chaos begin....

* Number of containers of puffs poured on the floor: 1
* Number of times my cell phone was thrown on the floor: 3
* Number of toys I pulled off the Target shelves to entertain baby: 10
* Number of said toys returned to their original spot: 0
* Number of distracting work calls: 1
* Number of times I had to remove B from the cart: 2
* Number of carts he decided to push around: 3
* Number of hysterical hissy fits thrown because I wouldn't let him play with the ipod on display: 1...but it lasted 10 minutes so lets call it 10
* Number of butt faces to look at me like 'get control of your kid': 2
* Number of bags I managed to leave with: 6 (why would the ziploks get their own huge bag?)
* Number of total minutes spent in the store: maybe 15

Two hours alone in Target.....oh, what I wouldn't give....