Monday, June 12, 2006

Body Boot Camp

Today was the day, folks. I started my BODY BOOT CAMP! A six-week, three-days-a-week program w/7 other chubettes in beautiful sunny Santa Barbara. Why would I, a tv loving, Coca-colaholic, french fried loving lazy person join such an endeavor? I won it. Yep. I won the Body Boot Camp in a drawing at the Mother's Day 5K. I never expected to win such a thing and truth be known, it was the last thing I wanted to win. But I'm really glad I did. I've been gaining weight ever since I stopped nursing (at 12 months). And the daily consumption of at least 32oz of Coke is creating quite a "spare tire" situation. Not good. So, I have to make some changes:

#1. No more cokes. Today marks day #3 of my no-coke resolution. And I think I deserve a coke.
#2. Two miles a day. I need to walk/run at least 2 miles/day in one attempt (not a combined total). I have yet to accomplish this goal.

I plan to lose 30 pounds in three months. THIRTY POUNDS!??!, you say? Yep. I think the first 10 will fall off thanks to the Coke ban and the working out. For the remaining 20 pounds, I'll be returning to my low carb diet (#3). It's really the best plan for me.

Kevin and I are going on a cruise for our 4 year (I know!) anniversary in August. I want to be able to be comfortable in shorts again. I used to have some fine-looking legs, if I do say so myself. Time to get on the ball. The fact that Cara and Sarah are also persuing similar goals is a huge help. While I was Boot Camping, they both had a good run. Then we came home, ate sushi & salad, had a glass of wine (and lots of water [#4]), watched a DVRed episode of CSI and went to bed. Feelen good....

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