Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bursitis, anyone?

I try to make a positive change and life turns around and kicks you in the knees. How rude. I finally psyched myself up for the challenge of getting back into shape. It's about time and quite frankly, I'm not sure how much longer I can use the 'I just had a baby' excuse. As good fortune would have it, I won a free 6week Body Boot Camp class at the Mother's Day 5k. Or Kevin bot it for me and told them to pretend that I won....we'll never know.

Besides winning the Boot Camp, I had been rejuvinated by the presence of my Bestie - Sarah. As Cara says, she has brought 'new life' to both Cara and I and we all found ourselves very excited about the prospect of toning up and losing weight and just being total babes by summer's end.

Day two of Boot Camp, I'm instructed to run a (timed) mile at the City College track. So, I'm jogging. Taking it easy...not trying to show off....not trying to push myself to run fast....just going at a steady pace and trying to enjoy it. My heart rate was good. I was breathing fine, it was hot but I knew I was doing ok for me. Round two I start to recognize a gnarly pain in my knees. It was feeling as tho someone was whacking a hammer againsts the inside of both knees with every stomp I took. By 3/4 of a mile, I was done. There was no more running for me - I walked the rest and finished at just under 15 minutes.

The next day is Wednesday and the girls, B and I decide to tackle the track together. I'm pushing B in the stroller b/c the knees were not feeling so hot [this was the 'carrie' day, incidentally]. The rest of the week only gets worse. I don't run on Thursday but still go to class. I also make a dr. appointment for the following Wednesday - the first available. The knees only got worse. I pretty much spent the whole weekend hobbling after Kevin and Brody. By the next Monday - I'm a mess. Can't hardly move my legs. Squatting works. Lifting my leg off the ground is a nightmare. It's pretty miserable.

Finally, I get to the dr. and she diagnoses bursitis (a small fluid filled sack) - aka Housemaid's Knee ;) Gave a prescription and sent me on my way. I find this whole thing to be very's been a rough year, what with physical exhaust, then kidney stones, then that wicked 48 hour flu and now BURSITIS?!?!? What is going on???????

So, 'Project Body' has moved into phase II. Low I come. And Lord help the knees. I'm tired of this pain!!!!!

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