Friday, September 08, 2006

The Worst Day Ever

I know it's been a while since I've blogged and perhaps I should log an entry about how great life is or how awesome our trip to Colorado was or how smart and perfect Brody is....but those will have to wait. This entry is about my very terrible day yesterday.

Day started off ok. Only rough part was that Brody napped for about an hour - a least an hour too short - but we've done this before. It was Cara's day off from work so she joined us on a trip to the mall. First stop, the baby shoe store. In the store was another woman with her young daughter. Brody kept trying to take the woman's keys from her purse which was sitting on the floor. "Teese". So, I gave him my keys to distract him. Surely you can forsee the rest of the story from here. We bot shoes, we went to Gymboree, we set off for the car. And...where....are....those....damn....keys? No way. Yes way. They're gone. Disappeared. Dropped off the face of the earth. I got back to the shoe store, Gymboree, the stores Cara visited, the security office....Nothing. Nathan. Nada. Ultimately, we have to call Kevin from the office to come rescue us but since we lost the spare keys ages ago the plan was unclear.

Fast forward 4 hours, I'm still at the mall. Kevin, Cara, and Brody have gone home in Kevin's truck. I stuck around just in case the keys turned up. Cara was supposed to come back and get me but it took her an extra hour b/c at home Brody fell in the tub and busted his head AND Kevin had a 7pm conference call with China and so she was suddenly tasked with getting Brody to bed. And it was cold outside for the first time in months. I was chilly.

About this time I realize that my office keys were probably on my key chain as well. Nice early impression this will make! The new set of car keys cost $140 for the first set and $30 for the second. WHAT?!?!? Luckily the office keys (which, by the way, I found tonight tucked safe & sound in Kevin's work backpack today) only cost me $3.00 to replace.

The car keys are still lost - although, my best guess is that Brody dropped them into the purse of the woman at the shoe store. What's the lesson? Don't give Bubba my keys w/o retrieving them afterward? Or is it that life is no bueno sometimes and you just have to figure out how to get by w/o banging your head into a brick wall? Both. I guess. Baby got a new pair of shoes. Maybe that's all that counts. :)