Sunday, May 28, 2006

We were talking about my restaurant concept earlier tonight and I was reminded of how much I like the idea. I'd call it "Chums". When I first came up with the name, I'd never heard of chum-as-in-fish-guts before. Ewe. But I still like it. It's fun and the name actually sort of goes along with the concept as I described it tonight.

The original concept still remains - it would be a place that celebrates my favorite people! Who cares about my friends and family, right? Wrong. I think there is nothing more fascinating than real people - which explains my obsession with reality tv. And how about blogs? I read complete strangers' blogs all the time and totally enjoy it. You know what I mean, right? Anyway, each table would be devoted to one of my best friends/family members. That person could decorate it anyway they want. By putting their own pictures on the table, they then honor their family and friends. Thereby extending the 'chums' reach. Also, regular guests would be able to purchase a wall tile that they could decorate & date. All tile proceeds go to a charity. The tile would hang on the wall till the end of time. Chums. Friends. Hangen out. Eating my favorite food: bar food.

Tonight I realized that I want it to be a shabby establishment. Ideally it would be a restaurant near a lake - overlooking a lake, even. Real rustic and cozy. That made me realize that the 'chums' name might then be appropo - in a fish-guts-gross kind of way. Maybe we'd even sell real chum!? Or not.

We even have some menu ideas. Fried mozzarella bites called 'Deep Fried Bubba Toes' (hee hee). Kevin's sandwiches: open-faced tuna melt, BLTA, California grilled chicken, grilled kilbasa on hoagie bread.....oh yes. We have good eats, folks!!

I know the restaurant business is volatile so it would have to be our 'side business', dontchaknow. I've always said that my kids will work in the restaurant business. I believe that everyone should have to work in a restaurant at least one day of their life. The funniest people in the world work in restaurants. And man do you learn to hate people...I mean, er, you learn to respect those in the service industry. Loved it. Hated it. Made great friends and terrible money. That's what college jobs are all about.

To Chums. Here. Here.

Friday, May 26, 2006

I had to create a blog in order to post a comment on my hubby's new blog. I've tried this before...a blog...and it didn't really take off. For one thing, I didn't have much to say. For another, I didn't have a focus. Some of my favorite blogs are from other mothers (Tessa) and my favorite scrapbooker (Ali Edwards) , funny friends (Whitney) & my fabulous baby sister(Cara)! Since I'm not really skilled at anyone thing and I'm not that terrific of an author...I plan to just keep this blog real. And since I'm the only one who'll be reading this blog...I can keep it real real! :)

For years I wallowed in all my regrets. Bummed out by the mistaken choices I'd made. If only this....if only that. Today, I realize that I'm ok. While my past choices don't define me, they do have something the do with the me I am today. If I hadn't worked at eatZi's, I would have never moved on to AAC. If I wasn't at AAC, I would have never met Kevin. If I never met Kevie, I would never have know Santa Barbara and worst of all, I'd have never had the great pleasure of knowing Brody Sturm. How could I have regret??

So, no regrets about the past. And loads to look forward to. Thank you, Lord for all of your blessings. Thanks for all your opportunities. Thanks for allowing me to make SO MANY lesson learning changes. And thank you for ensuring us that you want good things for us - your children.

I want this blog to be about passion, conviction, civilization, purpose, silliness, victories, friendship, family, reality and the future. No regrets. Now....let's get real...