Friday, May 26, 2006

I had to create a blog in order to post a comment on my hubby's new blog. I've tried this before...a blog...and it didn't really take off. For one thing, I didn't have much to say. For another, I didn't have a focus. Some of my favorite blogs are from other mothers (Tessa) and my favorite scrapbooker (Ali Edwards) , funny friends (Whitney) & my fabulous baby sister(Cara)! Since I'm not really skilled at anyone thing and I'm not that terrific of an author...I plan to just keep this blog real. And since I'm the only one who'll be reading this blog...I can keep it real real! :)

For years I wallowed in all my regrets. Bummed out by the mistaken choices I'd made. If only this....if only that. Today, I realize that I'm ok. While my past choices don't define me, they do have something the do with the me I am today. If I hadn't worked at eatZi's, I would have never moved on to AAC. If I wasn't at AAC, I would have never met Kevin. If I never met Kevie, I would never have know Santa Barbara and worst of all, I'd have never had the great pleasure of knowing Brody Sturm. How could I have regret??

So, no regrets about the past. And loads to look forward to. Thank you, Lord for all of your blessings. Thanks for all your opportunities. Thanks for allowing me to make SO MANY lesson learning changes. And thank you for ensuring us that you want good things for us - your children.

I want this blog to be about passion, conviction, civilization, purpose, silliness, victories, friendship, family, reality and the future. No regrets. Now....let's get real...

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