Monday, January 21, 2008


Also, Brody has gone an entire week wearing underpants with only one pee-pee accident! It was the first day and he hated it. I guess he learned from that one time because he hasn't done it again. In fact, on our 4.5 hr drive to San Jose this past weekend he started to panic a little because we'd asked him to hold it, "I want to go home! I have to pee-pee!". We had to pull over and let him pee on the side of road...which of course he totally loved! I'm so proud I could actually pee my pants!!

The Kite Runner

What a book. I am a slow reader. I joke that it's because I read...every...single...word of a book. I believe that 'fast readers' are actually skimmers. Reading about every 5th word and skipping entire paragraphs at a time. Kevin, Sarah and Staci all deny this but I have to cling to what I believe to be true, right? Anyway. I flew through The Kite Runner (about 5 sittings which is pretty impressive for me). It was the most engaging book I think I've ever read. Definitely one of those books that beckons you throughout the day...'I wonder what is going to happen next?'...'I can't wait to find out what happens to X'....'How could he do that to someone he loves so much?!?'. When Sarah sent the book to Kev for his birthday she warned that it would be a difficult read. We both knew what she meant by that and it was. I wept throughout the book and sobbed at the ending. I know that might not sound like a recommendation and actually I struggle to recommend the book because it's so difficult....but I do. I really do. The writing is wonderful. The story is powerful. It's a book that stays with you and I'm glad I read it. I'd love to know what other readers thought....