Monday, January 21, 2008


Also, Brody has gone an entire week wearing underpants with only one pee-pee accident! It was the first day and he hated it. I guess he learned from that one time because he hasn't done it again. In fact, on our 4.5 hr drive to San Jose this past weekend he started to panic a little because we'd asked him to hold it, "I want to go home! I have to pee-pee!". We had to pull over and let him pee on the side of road...which of course he totally loved! I'm so proud I could actually pee my pants!!


Kevin Sturm said...

On the way back from San Jose we stopped at Old McDonald's because we all had to pee. I took Brody into the bathroom and we went into the stall and sat him on the pot so he could pee. When he was done I told him to stand by the wall and not touch anything because daddy had to pee, too (why do we talk in third person to our kids?).

We then had this conversation.

Brody: Daddy, you go pee-pee too?
Me: Yes
Brody: Daddy, you have penis?
Me: Yes. Brody don't touch that it's dirty.
Brody: You have big penis?
Me: Yes.
Brody: You love your penis?
Me: (Chuckle) Well, I guess.

The kid kills me!

Chrystal Sturm said...

So awesome!

Chrystal Sturm said...

And to clarify...I think Kevin was telling him not to touch the dirty wall/toilet/floor/whatever. Not his penis. ;

Tessa said...

When Landry was 3 he and Clay were taking a shower. They didn't know that I was in the bedroom and could hear their conversation. Landry said, "Daddy you have a really big wiener." Clay, in a very proud tone, says "Why, yes I do son." Then I hear, "Hey don't pull it!" and peels of laughter.

Andy said...

thats pretty funny