Monday, February 04, 2008

Our Little Techie

Kevin and I marvel at Brody's technical genius. He's learned how to operate the DVD player before he was 2 and he now knows how to unlock and operate Kevin's iphone so he can watch watever movie (or movie sceen) he wants. The phone also has a cool scroll feature for viewing photos which Brody uses regularily. This photo was taken on our most recent drive to Phoenix. He's watching Toy Story on Kevin's ipod and controlling the volume on his own. I swear, he's a genius.

We regularily talk to Grandmama over the computer using Skype. We trip out on the fact that it's totally normal for Brody to video call. We still get caught up in how 'Jetsons' it all is! What will life be like for Brody when he's 30? Hologram video calls? Flying cars?

We figure when Brody starts a family they'll probably have some capability to perform sonograms on their home computer/TV screen. It's amazing really. We love technology 'round these parts. And watching Brody grow up around so much technology excites us for what he'll be able to accomplish one day. That's not to say that he'll have unlimited access to technology. His computer time will definitely be monitored. But the fact that he'll grow up knowing how to operate a computer as tho it were a freaking tape deck, blows my mind. And since he's such a genius he'll probably know how to take the machine apart and put it back together! That's my boy. Actually, that's his Daddy's boy.
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Kevin Sturm said...

He is a genius. The downside is when he decides to watch a movie and takes out the DVD from the case, opens the player and inserts the DVD, closes the player, and then turns on the TV. He hasn't exactly figured out how to change the Input settings but he knows he has to push the button.

I'm sure it won't be long before he will be doing video calls with Grandmama from my iPhone. I here it is on it's way.