Friday, February 29, 2008

Three Things

I'm starting a new regular Friday series on my blog: THREE THINGS! It's dedicated to featuring three things that have interested, inpsired, excited me over the past week. Hope you enjoy!

This Blog. I've never met Heather but everytime I read her blog(s) I am moved. This week she's made me laugh out loud, cry really hard and become excited all over again about adoption. I think if we had the opportunity, we'd be good friends. She's friends with Staci, by the way!

This woman's Jewelry. Check it out. Very, very cool!

This book! Life of Pi isn't a new book but I am just finally reading it. It took me a while to get really into the story but now I'm about 1/2 thru and find myself thinking of it often.

I'd love to know what has your motor running this week?!

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Andy said...

thought id share a funny blog name and info