Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One Sister for Sale!

One really funny thing about Cara is that she is such a hoss! She's this perfect little girlie thing but has this amazing brute strength. I always joke that it's nice to live with two men in the house! I'm sure she'll love this post but she actually makes me quite proud. Cara will never be the girl to let a physical challenge stop her because a muscly man isn't around. It also translates to her amazing work ethic and result-driven successes. As well as her personal strength and independence.

In this photo, we caught her on her way out the door (at 9pm...ah to be young..) to help Kevin carry our 300 lb. fake tree down to the garage. She squatted and lifted like a little heavyweight in her high-heeled boots and knee socks. I bet she could have full pressed it over her head with one arm if asked!

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Tessa said...

I taught her everything she knows. I am crazy strong, too! I love that girl. She make me happy. Sophie and I were using the potty at MHS tonight while Landry was at wrestling practice. We walked the gym halls and saw a life size photo of Caralisie on the front row of the National Champions of the world MHs cheerleading and acrobatic team. She was beautiful. I told Sophie who she was and she said, "Oh, does she make you cry."I told her only a little. We love you Caralisie.
Lita....I wierdie!

Oh, these names are out...Hannah, Savannah, Sabrina, Edith, Harriet, Gwyneth, Gwendolyn,Gwenetha, Shonequia, Toneshia, Raquel, Angel,Barbie...that's it so far.

Andy said...

those are some serious FMB's! Awesome.

Chrystal Sturm said...

ANDY! Hardly. They are more like TBAMFW. Cuz that's just what they'll do! First, they are like 40 years old and have 3" thick wooden heels. No patent leather spiked heels for this brut!