Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big Waves!

We had some crazy big waves this past weekend. I love Santa Barbara. The smell, the touch, the look, the tastes, the sounds....all 5 senses fulfilled in one little beach town. Every winter we get rain - a few years ago it lasted a month straight. Santa Barbarians (as Tessa would say) are not fans of the rain. When you live in a town where all the fun stuff is outdoors, it's totally understandable.

There was rain this weekend but it wasn't heavy. I'm not sure where the storm came from but somewhere in the ocean a storm was a brewin' and the results were these amazingly huge waves. Surfers were warned, the pier was closed, a few people even got swept off of the Breakwater! It was gnarly and the smart folks stayed out of the water.

Sunday night we all headed out to the Biltmore wall to watch the show. There were many other spectators at the wall. It was cold and wet and smelled like ocean and was absolutely wonderful. These are the memories of SB that I'll cherish forever.

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Andy said...

I love SB. If you need some fun, check out these videos


Chrystal Sturm said...

Well then come visit us!!

shingying said...

awesome photos u got here.