Saturday, February 09, 2008

Baby Sister's Bedding

I've picked out the crib bedding for Baby Sister today. This was a crazy-hard task when picking out bedding for Brody. This time I wanted to keep it simple. Go in, pick fabric and leave. Santa Barbara has only one fabric store so I knew this would be a challange. I already knew the color scheme I was going for so it was just a matter of finding the fabrics that would work. The turquoise will be the bed sheet. The patterned pink is the outside of the bumper. The fluffy butter is for the inside of the bumper and the bedskirt. The hot pink will be for pillows, possibly cording for the bumper, or somewhere else?

Walls will be at least two shades of yellow - bolder yellows than the butter of the fabric. Furniture is mostly white. Accent colors are black-n-white (pillows, frames, lamps, rocking chair pads, etc.) and turquoise (pillows, sheets, knick-knacks, etc.).

Theme: Sort of a Miami beach/Key West tropical. Definitely not Hawaiian which is easy to get distracted by given the massive amounts of Hawaiian fabric and decorations available. :) Do you love?
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Kevin Sturm said...

I love

Tessa said...

I love it! Get to sewing sister!

Chrystal Sturm said...

Wish I were! Mom is putting together the bumper and skirt. Me no sew...yet. One day!

King Family said...

So cute. How fun you are having a girl!