Saturday, February 09, 2008

Big Boy Bed!

We found the PERFECT bunk bed for Brody last week! No more crib (which was converted to a toddler bed months ago) for Bubba. He adapted immediately. We decided to only get one mattress for now and convereted the upper bunk into a play area for his many cars.

I found this bed at Kmart! I haven't been impressed with Kmart's furniture in the past but after reading the reviews of this bed we thought we'd go for it. It was on sale for $179 and you just reallly can't beat that price. Even if it only lasts for a few years, it's been worth it! And amazingly, the stain is a perfect match to the rest of his furniture. Another reason we really like it is that it's not too tall. The top bunk starts at Kevin's chest. AND there is a ton of under-bed storage. So, we're thrilled with it.

Kevin spent all Saturday afternoon setting up the bed - which was more challenging than we expected. It's a surprisingly sturdy bed. Brody LOVES it!

Then on Sunday, Kevin got passionate about building a ramp for Brody's Cars cars. He and B went to Ace hardware to get the supplies and then Kevin spent some time whipping up this awesome ramp! He had a vision of he and Brody building this ramp together but after about two minutes of hammering Brody got bored and came inside. Then after playing with the ramp for two minutes, Brody was over it too. It's ok. He'll play with this ramp for years to come! Thanks, Daddy!!
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Tessa said...

What a cool idea! He will play and play with that awesome ramp!

Andy said...

can I get a ramp too?

King Family said...

Brody is so cute. What a fun ramp. I love how they want to help but get bored so fast.