Thursday, February 18, 2010

Six Friends Every Mom Needs

I loved this article in the August 2009 issue of Parenting Magazine. I wanted to be able to keep a copy for forever and this seemed to be the easiest way!

In short, this article is about why connecting with people you don't have to clean up after is crucial. Here are the six listed and a personal Shout Out! for each:

The Mom In The Same Boat: "She gets it."

Shout Out!
: Christy W.

If there was one woman I'd love to have as a next door neighbor for the rest of my life. It would be Christy W. She has two (precious) kids. She has a wonderful sense of humor. She's crazy smart and we always have a great time together. I'd have a million Christy's if I could but just so grateful to get to have just the one!

Shot Out!: Tammy

I'm so fortunate to have such a great sister-in-law. And even better to have one who has kids the same ages (almost) as mine. We're very different but don't you find that some of the best friendships happen like that? She makes me laugh outloud. She's the most Suzie-Homemaker person I know and I love her for it! I want to BE her when I grow up! She's an amazing mom - born for the part, for sure. I learn so much every time I get to be around her. What a treat you are, sister.

The No-Kids Pal: " you can act like you're still cool"

Shout Out!
: Cara

My baby sis is one of my most favorite people to hang out with. She makes me giggle all the time and always has a story. She loves my kids tremendously and will be an amazing mom one day because of having them in her life. It's hard for us to ever get a complete sentence in because everyone in my family wants a piece of her when she's here but on the rare occasion that we do get to's always wonderful and makes me want to be around her MORE! We miss Rah Rah.

Shout Out!: Christianne

My girl, Christianne is like a little sister! I literally love being around her. She inspires me. She impresses me. She makes me laugh. She's a brilliant, bright shining star and I am honored to be her friend! So thankful for her friendship.

Shout Out!: Sue Sue

Basically, my life would be incomplete with out Sarah. Because she doesn't have kids, she is getting filed under this heading but seriously....she fits under most of them. Je t'aime, mon ami.

The Been-There-Done-That Mom: "She gets you through your 'I don't know what I'm supposed to do next!' moments"

Shout Out!: Tessalita

If it wasn't for Tessa I might still be holding Brody. Until she came to visit me after he was born (almost 5 years ago) I had not put him down because I thought "he wont let me". Tessa came in and took over. She showed me how to prop my Dude up against a Boppy and encouraged me to let him watch Baby Einstein so I could take a 10 minute shower. And you know what? It worked. My life was changed forever because of her. If my children are acting broken. I call Lita and she always - ALWAYS - has sound advice to offer. I love being able to gain wisdom from her I will be seeking advice from Tessa till we're 105 years old and I'm trying to figure out how to keep my false teeth from falling out my head everytime I nod off in my rocking chair. Love you, lady.

The I'll Do Anything For You Buddy: "She'll help you with your garage sale, drive your kids to soccer, and bring over lasagna when you're dealing with a crisis"

Shout Out!: Dana

I'm not sure I'd eat her lasagna but I KNOW she'd offer me some of the 800lbs of frozen organic meat she has stored in her garage freezer (so jealous). I'm also jealous for a friend like Dana here in SB. She honestly would do anything for her friends. Loves deeply and passionately and with all of her. She is the most sensitive person I know which I now understand is what makes her one of the most generous people I know (instead of just a cry baby * wink *). If I were sick and in the hospital...I'd want Dana by my side. You're a gift of a friend, Dee. Know that.

The Slightly Glam Girlfriend: "For inspiration...advice...and a [killer] waredrobe..."

Shout Out!
: Summer

I don't get to spend ANY time with Summer anymore but what I do get to pretty darn HOT! She's got this amazing little bod and rocks super-cute clothes all of the time. Listen. I've said it before but if I had Zoom's body...I would wear as little clothing as possible. Thankfully, she's a lot more modest than I wou be if I were her.

The Brutally Honest Pal: "We all need to hear the truth sometimes"

Shout Out!: Amity

I'm grateful to say that most of my friends fit under this heading. Even tho she doesn't flat out say, "I hate it when you're late" she makes herself pretty well understood and I find that very refreshing. I love very much. She's a life-long friend in the making!

6 Friends Every Mom Needs