Sunday, July 06, 2008

Mia Letter: 3 Months

Yes, you are really this cute! I know. It's hard to imagine but, Mia-girl, you're a real cutie pie. This month has been super fun. First, and most exciting, you finally started smiling for us! It was a long time coming and you're still sort of particular about who you'll grant smiles too but when you do...oh, man...they stop our hearts. Thank you for your smiles.

You also started cooing big time! You chatter and coo and squeek all the time. A lot of times, to the bears on your swing. I think they're your best friends. But you give us good converstation too. It's absolutely music to our ears. Thank you for your coos.

AND you laughed this month. Shortly after you started loosening up with your smiles. You gave me a couple of really awesome chuckles a couple of weeks ago when I was helping you do stand up exercises. I called the boys in and sure enough, you laughed for them too. Daddy and Bubba were smiling from ear to ear. You make us so proud. You laugh when we tickle under your chin too. Every time. Maybe having an extra chin makes you more ticklish? I don't know but thank you for that laughter.

You've had some congestion this month, poor baby. Your nose doesn't actually run but there is a lot of rattling in your breathing. But you still sleep like a champ so I don't think it's bothering you too much. We are traveling again this week so I hope it doesn't get worse.This month you got to meet your Aunt Sharron, Uncle Don and Great Grandma (GiGi) in Colorado. You were terrific on the plane both ways. Daddy upgraded me to FC on both flights so I got to enjoy lunch and bottomless Coke's while you slept like a little princess. No fair that you've flown FC as an infant when I had to wait till my 30's! The flying didn't seem to bother you at all (especially the noisey jumper flights - you sacked out!). In Colorado we got to spend lots of good time with your cousins Briella and Malena, Uncle Jon & Aunt Tammy and Mor Mor & PaPa. It was a really terrific time - we miss you all aready!

This month you also had your 2month check up. You are officially a chunky baby. 97% for weight, thankyouverymuch. Your height and head size were normal. I think you're perfect. I wish you were chubbier, in fact. We'll work on that, ok? You were so good during your shots. There were SIX! You didn't react until the end of the 2nd shot and by the time you finished your first wail the shots were done. We nursed (and I subsequently leaked everywhere) and you were fine. A bit fussy for a couple of days but nothing too tramatic.

This month, Daddy had his first week-long business trip since you were born. I am not going to lie, I was terrified. I scheduled our entire week so that we had company almost every afternoon and on the two mornings that Bubba isn't in school. The week practically flew by and I only got a little crazy in the evenings. Let's just say, I was ready for bed at the end of the day. YOU were terrific. Sleeping your face off as usual. Waking once in the middle of the nights (you've been waking around 4am recently and then ready for the day by 7:30 or 8AM). I just really have no complaints, Sis. Thank you for being so easy!

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