Monday, June 08, 2009

Wanna Be like The Bargain Jargon

It's no secret that I love a deal. I go crazy for sales. I've never met a clearance bin I didn't immediately like. I honk for garage sales.

I've mentioned before that I have a friend (Julie P.) who is SO good at couponing that she has actually had the store give her money at check out! A bag full of goods and THEIR MONEY too!! I'm in awe.

Well, I have a new deal-hunting blog hero. I'd like you to meet The Bargain Jargon "the source for understanding coupons, deals & frugal living". If you love a good deal you might consider subscribing to her blog so you get the posts directly to your email.

I loved this post because it contains two very valuable links (back to her own posts). This one gives the mark-down schedule for Target. For example, DID YOU KNOW that toys are marked down on Wednesday?? And that mark-downs happen approximately every 2 weeks. So if you find something on sale for 30% today it will probably be marked down to 75% in two weeks -- if it's still on the shelf.

And then she gives this link which contains some really great ways to earn 'gift' monies by using Mypoints (which I think is too complicated...and is exactly why I'm not earning free products), e-rewards, loyalty programs and Swagbucks. It was also a great reminder about having a stash of toys for gift-giving!

Search & Win

In my attempt to be like The Bargain Jargon, I'm going to follow her next coupon shopping advice! She highlights her especially successful shopping trips by highlighting the stores weekly discounts (according to their circulars) and pairs them with coupons she finds online or in the newspaper.

So excited to report back!!

Thanks, Bargain Jargon :)

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Christy said...

You are too sweet! Thanks for mentioning my blog. Have a great weekend.