Monday, June 22, 2009

Project 52: Week Five

This week has been major. Kevin worked on our new patio project every day - all day. The results are really wonderful. I'll post pics soon! We also spent the week preparing for our trip to Anaheim. Kevin is going to a major industry trade show and we decided we'd rather go as a family than miss him for 5 days. Because he's a genius, he posted a status update on Facebook asking if anyone in the Anaheim area would want to House Swap. Some sweet friends responded that they did!! Such a blessing. Huge house, separate rooms, 10 minutes from the convention center, full kitchen...totally worth the 12 hours I spent cleaning our house in preparation. But seriously, it is. I'm really looking forward to enjoy this week in 'new' surroundings. They have 3 children: 5 year old boy, 4 year old girl and 1 year old boy. The situation couldn't be more perfect for us. We FOR SURE got the better deal in the house department...but they get the beach. Hopefully it evens out :) Thanks again, Karen & Curtis!!

Monday, June 15: I didn't get a photo of this day (booo!) so I decided to post one of my favorite shots from the Free Family Photo Event we hosted the Saturday before. I took this photo of Becca and Jilly being silly. It was my first time at 'studio' photography and I really loved it!

Tuesday, June 16: Mimi being a sweetie pie all messy with food. "Eat" is her favorite word+sign combo. She says it about 15 times/day. "EEEaat". She says, "Gunk Gunk" for drink too ;)

Wednesday, June 17: Can you believe this is the only photo I took all day? Sorry. It's one of our favorite quick and easy recipes. Trader Joe's Orange Chicken and Fresh Express Asian Salad Mix. Divine!

Thursday, June 18: Brody got so bored that finally unzipped Spiderman activity set he got for his April. Inside were these cool posters! We hung them to cover the glossy paint that Kevin accidentally used a touch-up paint on an egg shell wall. Plus they go w/his cool super hero theme. WAM! ZAP!

Friday, June 19: The beautiful bouquet of flower my girl, Christianne whipped up the night before during a home group cook-out. Our first entertaining event on our new patio!! Wooo-Hooo. Christianne left on Sunday for 3 weeks in Thailand. So looking forward to hearing how God will work in this trip!

Saturday, June 20: Our very precious and wonderful friends THE WOLDS came to visit/worktheirbuttsoff! We could never have gotten everything done w/out their help. Dave and Kevin did man stuff on the yard and patio. Christy and I cleaned, ran errands, shucked corn and tended to babies: women's work ;) Caleb and Mia did their own things and Brody and Maddie played their faces every waking moment of the day. Glorious.

Sunday, June 21: Clean all morning, drive all afternoon, play with other kids' toys all evening....whew. I'm ready for sleep.
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