Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Deal of the Week: CVS Photos

I just completed my order for 50 free prints and (1) free 8x10 for....drum roll...ZERO DOLLAR$! Yes. Yes. Yes.

I'm not going to lie. This was not a simple process. Here is why:

1 - I tend to over think just about everything and so deciding which pictures I was going to print became a multi-day process. I decided to print the photo session I had with my niece so I can give her a little photo album of her "Diva Day of Beauty"! I know she'll love it!

2 - You have to sign up w/CVS. It becomes a bit confusing because you 20 Free Prints for creating a photo account here. You get another 30 Free Prints when you link your Extra Care Card account to your photo account. I didn't have an Extra Care Card so I had to first sign up for it, then wait a week for the card to arrive and then finally apply it to my account to earn the additional prints. I could have gone to my local and inconveniently located CVS to secure my card in minutes but this worked well enough and I never had to leave the house.

3 - Somehow I kept erasing my order!! I think this was 100% user-error but it was frustrating nonetheless.

Even with all the obstacles, I have no complaints now that my order is being processed and I wont have to pay a single penny for any of it. Aaaarrghhh! That make me so happy :))

* Sign up for the 50 free prints by following the links in #2
* Upload and order your prints: (50) 4x6 & (1) 8x10
* Apply your credit for the 50 free points at check-out {there is a radio button}
* Enter your code for the free 8x10 {it's FREE8X10 and it is only good for through June 21,09}
* Choose to pick up the prints in the store in 'days' {vs. 'hours'}

My prints will be ready in a few days and all I have to do is show up. So excellent!

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