Monday, June 08, 2009

Project 52: Week 3

Trying a new approach this week. I figure this might be easier to scrapbook the project at the end of the year! All the collages are done in Picasa. I heart Picasa.

Monday, June 1st: Photo of Mianna taken by Brody Sturm
Tuesay, June 2: Brody and I went on a date to see Pixar's UP. Loved it. Loved it. Loved it. And so did Bubba.
Wednesday, June 3: Found me a pirate among the Bird of Paradise plant!
Thursday, June 4: It rained. Brody and I spent a good 15 minutes making and guessing the different shapes formed by this amazing necklace! Sarah brought me the necklace from Cape Town. It's made from rattan seeds!
Friday, June 5: Running errands with Brody....and some how ended up at McConnell's???
Saturday, June 6: Family lunch at Cesar's Place Fish & Chips on Milpas street. Mia got a little messy.
Sunday, June 7th: Kevin decided today was the day to clean our garage. We're gearing up for our neighborhood g'sale at the end of the month (piles to the left). Good work, babe!
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