Friday, June 19, 2009

Free Family Photo Event for Eastside Families

Last weekend I coordinated a Free Family Photo Event for the families of my 'hood: the lower Eastside of Santa Barbara. It was originally planned as a Mother's Day event but due to the Jesusito fires we had to postpone the event to June 13th. I have to admit my excitement for the event waned in the time between Mother's Day and the actual event. We went to Phoenix and started a major yard renovation and we were making plans for a couple of upcoming trips...I just felt less 'into' it.

Anyway, the week leading up to it I started getting really excited again. Just thinking about the people who were going to be blessed by these amazing family portraits! Some of these families have never had a professional photo much less by the caliber of photographers who gave their time to this event. Amazing!!

Here is a group shot of some of the photogs on hand and mi familia (it is my blog!). I was just so blessed by this event and know that the families who participated (about 35 in all) will be blown away by their prints.

Thanks again friends for sharing your gifts. You're all spectacular!
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Andy said...

what a great way to share your gift and love