Sunday, May 31, 2009

i madonnari 2009

My favorite SB festival is i madonnari. In the 7 years I have lived here we've never missed this event...until this year. The event is always Memorial Day weekend but this year we decided to visit our precious family at Kevin's parent's home in Phoenix.

This year we visited the drawings a week after they were created and it was so great! No crowds. No pushing. No limited range of vision. Just casually strolling the grounds with the ability to see the entire plaza in a single eyeful! It was perfect. Brody could run wild -- avoiding the art, of course -- and we could still keep an eye on him while admiring the amazing work.

Don't get me wrong. If we can, we'll be there again next year. There is such a cool vibe to be amongst working creativity like that. The smell of chalk and sweat in the air, folk music being played live on the lawn, turkey legs and sno cones, checking in on the Meaney family. It's marvelous and only something as sweet and special as time w/the Sturms would make me pass up the opportunity.

But there was definitely something sweet about seeing all the completed works at one time. Being able to stand and stare at the art w/o feeling like you need to hurry along so that everyone else can have their turn. If you didn't make it to the festival, you really must check it out. Go be blown away...before the work is blown away...

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