Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 2

Monday, May 25th: Brody and Kevin got to go to a Diamondbacks game with the Janos! Nikki got to say "PLAY BALL" at the start of the game (so cool!!) and Brody got to meet the Bobcat. Brody's first baseball game :)

Tuesday, May 26th: The kids were amazing on the looooong drive home from Phoenix. At one point I turned around and both kids had their heads covered with their blankets. Brody was watching the iPod under his blanket. Mia was watching Brody and doing as he did...

Wednesday, May 27th: Papa Joe arrives!

Thursday, May 28th: Papa Joe took us out to dinner to celebrate my birthday (still partying!). Of course, I chose Fresco -- my most fav restaurant in town! Mia enjoyed some chocolate.

Friday, May 29th: Papa Joe, Brody and I got to run around and play on Friday afternoon during Mimi's nap. Dad let us buy him some new clothes at Old Navy (yahoo!). Afterward we headed toward the children's play area at the Santa Barbara was closed for repairs. And DRAMA ensued. Plan B was the turtle fountain in La Arcada court.

Saturday, May 30th: One of the chalk drawings from the i madonnari festival. Love me some Rockwell.

Sunday, May 31: After a long but fun couple of weeks we made a family trip to Butterfly beach. We walked on the wall and played in the sand (some of ate a couple of handfuls of sand...) and just enjoyed being a family. So sweet.
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