Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bar Food Friday: Pizza

My favorite food? Bar food. Give me a menu from a sports bar and it'll take me 20 minutes to decide what to order! Wings? Cheese sticks? Nachos? Burger? POTATO SKINS?? Getting munchie just thinking about it!

I really try to cook healthy and wholesome throughout the week but on Friday -- we like to party. Which means Bring on the High Calorie High Fat High Cholesterol Heart Attack on a Pizza Stone Fun Food!!

We eat home-made pizza at least once a week. It's so easy to bake and so much healthier than from the box. It's also a fun way to get the kids involved in baking process!

BBQ Chicken, Hawaiian, Chicken and Broccoli, Veggie, Margarita, Everything-But-The-Kitchen-Sink...I mean, seriously, is pizza not the best way to get rid of all the various leftover ingredients hanging out in your fridge at the end of the week?

This week we went for: Sausage, Pepperoni, Onion, Black Olive, Bell Pepper and Garlic. Used some shredded cheddar-jack and leftover spaghetti sauce on top of a Pillsbury Dough (from the can)! I bake the crust for about 10 minutes before putting on the toppings b/c I kept getting uncooked dough in the middle.

On days that I'm feeling really inspired, I'll make my own dough which is a lot of fun. Whole wheat, honey, herb...I'll post about these another time.

20 minutes to melt the cheese and finish off the crust. Deeeelish!

What are your favorite pizza toppings or variations? I'm always looking for new ideas!

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Tessa said...

OH! Bar food! I get it. Now that I know that this is a food category I will use it in sentences..So, tonight do you want Italian, Mexican, Thai or Bar food? I like it.

Mike said...

You know, Trader Joe's makes the best raw dough. Plain, Herbed, or Cornmeal are all amazing. (We also have Pizza Fridays...:))

Kevin Sturm said...

I do love TJ's pizza dough but find that I have to add about a pound of flour to get it pliable sometimes. But we love the whole wheat dough.

Also like to make my own dough. It's so easy but takes a couple of hours. I'll post a great whole wheat and honey pizza dough recipe soon!

-- Chrystal