Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me.

I'm 36 years old today.

I'm 36 years old today.

Felt like I needed to say it twice. I don't like the old part in that sentence. Let's change it to:

I am 36 today!

Thirty-six is not a remarkable year. It's actually pretty random. But for me - I'm thinking 36 is going to be a really remarkable year.

My sister keeps a journal - the contents of which I will now disclose...not really. It's a little blue leather journal and on the front she's written:


That is how I feel. I'm unsure about our future....job, babies, home, life, etc. But I'm absolutely CERTAIN that God has a plan for us. A big one. And this year will be a significant chapter in our journey to recognizing that plan.

Most people mark a new year by the first of January. My 'new year' is marked by my kids' birthdays which happen to be 2 days apart from each other in April. I wasn't together enough to start blogging again in April so I chose my birthday to start anew. So, here I go again. Come with me as I leap into a "new year". I plan to do focus on the things that I'm currently passionate about & the new things I hope to learn. I will keep a weekly Project 52 journal here. I will have a couple of weekly events: Deal of the Week & Bar Food Friday. I hope to have a monthly post dedicated to highlighting magazine articles & blog posts that really caught my attention in that month. But wait! There's'll just have to keep checking in to find out exactly what I've got planned :)

You know what? I am 36 today. What a great age to be.


Kristy said...

Welcome back! I can't wait to read what you have to say, my most wise friend.

Haddy said...

Happy Birthday!! I have missed reading your blog...

Tessa said...

I am so excited and looking forward to your new and exciting format! I love your new wallpaper!