Sunday, January 09, 2011

HCG.1 Day Three

First day on 500 calories.

Let's start with the important stuff. Here is what I ate today:

10:30AM - (1) cut up Roma tomato with salt
10:50AM - Venti black iced tea with 1/2 a packet of Stevia
11:00AM - 3oz of cut up baked chicken with salt & pepper + (1) Melba toast
2:00PM - (1) small, cut up apple
2:30PM - second Venti black iced tea with 1 Splenda

5:30PM - 3oz beef patty (so small it mostly resembled a large meat ball) mixed with garlic and seasoned with salt & pepper + 1/2 onion, sauteed in water and cider vinegar with salt and pepper

8:00PM - (1) Navel orange
10:30PM - a Nalgeen of water

Oooooh Kaaayyyy.

This diet sort of sucks.

Kevin said to me, "I have to believe you'd rather work out at 6AM than put yourself through this torture." Unfortunately, that is not true. To believe that you'd have to assume that I value food over sleep. THAT is ridiculous. It's why I don't get out of bed for breakfast. I'd rather sleep no matter what they're serving.

I got really, really hungry today. I really did. BUT the larger problem (and truth of the matter) is that not being able to graze. There are some TJ pecan sandies in the cupboard that I normally would have snacked on while cooking dinner.

Not to mention the post dinner 'clean-up snacking'.

"Oh, Brody didn't eat that bread...hmm...would hate to see that go to waste". {POP! into my mouth}.

"I do not want to put this little amount of pasta into the fridge." {POP!}.

"What? Mia didn't finish her last two chicken nuggets?" {POP!}.

This might be the biggest and hardest lesson for me to learn in this process. Eating at eating times. Realizing that the 1-2 extra Nips throughout the day really add up to something. {Note to self...get rid of the Nips}.

Tonight I made 9 bean soup with TJ's beer bread and cottage cheese + apple sauce for the fam. It smelled so good. I especially wanted to wolf down a few slices the bread slathered with butter. So instead, I picked up Brody's bread plate, held it up to my nose and inhaled for 3 long seconds. Pathetic, I know. You should have seen my sweet (skinny) husband's expression. "Aghast" is a good word for it. But actually helped tame my lusty bread desires.

Below is a side-by-side of our dinners tonight. Yep, this is what a plate of Melba toast, sauteed onions and beef hockey puck looks like. Bon appetite.

I didn't take a body picture today. Maybe tomorrow. OR! I think I might pull out a pair of 'goal weight' pants :) Whoa...if I could get into my wedding dress...

IF I CAN FIT INTO MY WEDDING DRESS AGAIN I think I'll try to convince Kevin to let us get new wedding photos taken!

That's a good 9 year anniversary gift idea, right?

Also, my 20 year reunion is this year. I have to remember such things if I'm going to survive this.

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