Saturday, January 15, 2011

HCG.1 Day Eight Part 2

I ate half of a jalapeno popper. They are small and I took one bite and it was delicious. Was it worth not loosing a pound tomorrow? Sigh, not sure yet.

I'll be really bummed if I don't loose any weight tomorrow because of a popper - something I would never have been tempted by pre-starvation. I'm more of a cheese stick girl.

The next logical question, I know, is "If you can not loose weight by a bite of a popper - HOW do you expect to maintain your weight once you're off of HCG?". I hear ya. But the difference is that I would never dream of trying to sustain a diet of 500 calories in real life. My Mom "Queen HCG" says that what I'm doing with this diet is resetting my metabolism. Retraining my hypothalamus gland. After I finish the 40 days on HCG, I'm supposed to maintain a diet of 1500 for another 40 days. South Beach basically. Steering clear of sugars and starches.

Geez. My 40 day journey just turned into 80!

But South Beach isn't so scary. Especially after being on this torture train for 40 days. In fact, I dream about South Beach during the day. Bring on the chicken! Bring on the steak! Bring on the veggies!

Now...what's for dinner?

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