Wednesday, January 12, 2011

HCG.1 Day Six

Yesterday I lost 1 pound.

Today I lost 2 pounds.

We had to take a day trip to LA yesterday. I love road trips. Even short ones. But guess what. Part of why I love road trips is because I give myself a Free Pass w/regard to food. Convenience store snacks (big coke, bag of Cool Ranch Doritos....maybe even an order of cheese nachos or taquitos). Fast food. Ice cream stops. Starbucks breakfast sandwiches! Oh me oh my. My love affair with food. So deep it goes.

But yesterday, I stuck to the diet protocol (that's what we HCGers call it: The Protocol). Packed myself 3.5 oz of cooked chicken, cut up tomato, Melba toast and small apple. Nalgeen of water and a green iced tea. There was still the convenience store stop (big muffin for Mia and bottled Frapp for Kevin). I abstained. Growling tummy and all.

On our way back to town we stopped at Target. Coke and popcorn, yes?? No. Kevin and Mia ate lunch together while Mateo (aka That Screaming Baby in Target Yesterday) shopped. Ok...ok. Nodding head. Gaining confidence. I can maybe do this.

A road trip w/o fun food?? Who knew??

For dinner: roasted chicken, sauteed onion, Melba toast

The rest of the fam had roasted chicken and leftovers. I'm desperately trying to clear out the fridge of all good-tasting things. {I'm hyper-aware of the beer bread sitting on the bottom shelf}

That night, I actually skipped my evening fruit. I'm still not sure how that happened? I was definitely hungry. I definitely wanted the orange. But I made a choice to go without last night. Weird. My mom had skipped her fruit the night before so I guess that planted a seed but when it came down to it I didn't eat it.

Anyway, I lost 2 pounds this morning so that was fun. I dropped into a set of 10's I haven't seen in a long time. You know, if I weighed 130 yesterday today I weighed 128. That was fun.

Today I have been less hungry than the past few days. Appetite shrinking? Accepting my fate? Maturing in all human ways? Who can say, really?

My sweet husband left on a business trip today. Wouldn't it be fun if I could lose 6 pounds before he gets home? Hubba hubba wink wink ;))

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