Friday, January 07, 2011

HCG.1 Day One

I'm not about to post my start weight but let's just agree that it's significant...thankfully I have the good fortune of seeing it every day on the log I'm keeping.


The day stated with a weigh-in. I immediately wanted to slip into a depression, sluff down a bag of jumbo marshmallows and get back into bed. But, with the encouragement of my mother - who is here for the next 11 days - I overcame.

Then we injected ourselves with the HCG. I feel like that is a sentence I'm going to be horrified by in 20 years. There are other variations of HCG that you can drop onto your tongue but according to my verteran-HCG Mom, they are less effective at staving off the hunger than the injection kind.

Tiny needles. No pain.

Then I took off running. Brody to school, 20 minutes in the classroom and off to the grocery store for formula. That's about the time I realized I was really hungry! After trying to avoid looking at any and all foods at the grocery store I paid and ran, screaming from the store.

That is about the time that I realized this is a GORGE day! So, for the first two days on HCG you get to gorge on fat. Don't ask why. I'm not the answer-girl here. My mom has done all the research and I'm going with it.

So, today I ate:

A huge jelly-filled donut from Spudnuts
Half a bag of Trader Joe's baked onion rings (think Funions)
A big mac, french fries and two huge cokes

It's 4PM and this has been my intake so far. Can I just say, I'm having a blast.

How often do you get to just PIG out?!? I mean, honestly? A Big Mac? I might be overweight but I haven't tasted a Big Mac in years. It was delicious.

You're supposed to be a little more strategic in your fat loading days -- like eat high fat things that are just empty calories. Avocados, eggs, bacon, cheesecake, etc. But I felt like a bag of onion rings and french fries. What can I say? I can feel the weight attaching itself to my chin, belly and butt cheeks as I sit here sucking down my gigantic Coke. And I'm wallowing in it.

But truly. I'm looking forward to being uninterested in these foods. I've been thin before. Lots of times :) And every time I kicked the food habit I eventually stopped craving the junk food fare. It's my mom's 4th round and she instinctively rejected the apple fritter I brought her. She ate it but it wasn't with the joy and fervor with which I ate my 6" strawberry and creme pastry. Delish.

No Coke for 40 days . No joke. I just sighed mournfully at the very thought. My dear, sweet, killer-in-a-cup Coca Cola. How I love thee. I literally look forward to Coke. It's like a highlight in my helter-skelter day and probably the thing I will most miss on this journey.

Tonight I will be eating #33A {Chicken curry noodles - extra noodles, thank you} and maybe a pint of cinnamon ice cream?

Then tomorrow is another Fat Loading day. Oh, the possibilities.

It's scary to me that I'm not stuffed right now. This is how big my stomach (and appetite) has become. That I'm looking forward to another of day of eating crap is also kind of scary.

But the point here is to be honest and candid (w/o disclosing my actual weight) and that is what I intend to do.

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