Sunday, January 09, 2011

HCG.1 Day Two

Second Fat Loading day and I feel like a cow. Here's the food run-down:

Home-made French Toast - three huge slices

Two plates of "nachos college-style". A plate of chips with shredded cheese on top. Micro for 35 seconds. Top with full-fat Ranch and some green onions I happened to have on hand. Pepper.

There was an afternoon yellow cupcake with chocolate icing in the late afternoon.

Dinner was an entire order of chicken fettuccine Alfredo from Presto Pasta.

** this is about the time that I literally had to stop moving so as to prevent spontaneous vomit reaction. I was SO full I literally felt greasy.

I also became keenly aware that I could actually feel my second chin growing.

And then there was the popcorn with extra butter.

Two hours after dinner and tasting de-vine. Whilst stuffing butter soaked popcorn into my fat mouth and contemplating slipping into a food-induced coma, I thought..."Man, I never got a Coke today. Crap."

See you 40 days, vicious friend.

I gained one pound this morning. I'm betting I gain at least 2 tomorrow.

I feel like a moose.

Oh! I wonder? Should I post before/after shots? Bikini? Not. I actually regret not taking a pic of my food today. I would sincerely love it if I became repulsed by seeing the amount of food I ate today. You would, Internet. I'm sure of.

It was kinda weird eating like that in broad daylight (in front of Kevin). Those are the sort of experiences I usually like to keep hidden - like in a closet. Or my car. Or when the hubs is out of town and no one is watching. Sort of surreal like, is this really happening? Am I actually eating like this in waking hours?

Tomorrow is my first 500 calorie day. I'll try to remember to post pics of my "new" portion sizes. Eek. Nervous.

Going to bed now. I'm sure I'll have stomach flu nightmares. Or that I'm eating my childrens legs or something sick like that. You don't eat this bad without that sort of stuff.

Last minute thought...I'm going up use these 40 days as a fast as well. I'll explore that thought tomorrow.

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