Saturday, April 05, 2008

Brody Turns 3

This was Brody's electronic birthday invitation which was sent to our friends w/o children and families. You may notice the typo at the bottom "You should prepare to get eat...". No one was rude enough to remark on it tho :) The funny thing about us having a Messy Party is that Brody isn't a very messy kid. I mean, he'll get spaghetti all over himself when he eats it but I think that's more romantic than messy. He usually steers clear of mud and dirt and hates bugs of any sort - including worms which can be found in mud and dirt and probably the reason he steer clear. But he loves painting and LOVES water play and I know he'll get a kick out of the peanut butter bird feeders we are going to make! Stand by for more photos and details of the actual party!
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Andy said...

standing by

Andy said...

cmon, you mean you havent written down any thoughts while on the operating table? all my love and congrats.

Tessa said...

I love his little self! You know, your life today is totally different than your life the last time you blogged! Kevin, Chrystal, Brody & Mia. I love it! These are my peeps!
Oh, by all means fix my blog. I can't figure it out. I would also like a pink, black and green polka dot wallpaper for the background. LOL