Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We're Here to Paahhmp You Ahhp!

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I am constantly telling Bubba to STOP GETTING SO BIG! He gets a big kick out of it and will stand up real straight or climb up onto a chair and say, "Look Mommy. I'm getting bigger!". It's a funny joke but I'm serious too. How has he gotten so big? I haven't been able to carry him for several months because of being pregnant and so I've probably lost some of my muscles...but when I lift him now, he honestly feels like he weighs a ton! He's 33 lbs of solid baby boy.

The other day we enjoyed this conversation:

Me: "Brody, would you please stop getting so big?"
Brody: "But I have to Mommy."
Me: "But whyyy?"
Brody: "Because Jesus is pumping me up."
Me: "Oh, ok."
A minute passes...
Brody: (holding his side) "Oooh, ouch. Ouch."
Me: (thinking he's in pain) "What's the matter?"
Brody: "Jesus - I mean God - is pumping me up!"
What a funny little guy.


jeanettelee73 said...

Crystal!!!its Jeanette(Clint Lee's wife) I am in search of all old Boles Bulldogs to get evites out for the time capsul...I would love to get you on the, there is so much to let you know ...brent just had twin girls...Scot Austin is having a Boy....etc....Can't wait to hear from you!!!!

Chrystal Sturm said...

Janette...for some reason the emails I sent to are bouncing back to me. Do you have another email? You can reach me directly at