Friday, April 25, 2008

2 Week Check Up

Well, this is pretty much what Mianna looks like most of the day. She probably has her eyes OPEN a total of 2 hours a day. It's amazing. She must be my child! The excessive sleeping, triangle nostrils and the pronounced double chin really confirm the fact that she is for sure my child.
The other night as I sat gazing at her little pink face and grey eyes with blonde eye lashes and I asked Kevin "What if she's not our baby? What if they accidentally got mixed up and gave us the wrong baby and gave our baby to another couple? What if that other couple was really mean and our baby grew up in an unloving home and then found out that she could have been loved by us if not for the hospital's mistake?..." I could have gone on but he cut me off with, "What is wrong with you?". What kind of question is that? Ironically, that was his thought too. Then he said, "This is exactly what she looked like when she came out. I saw." Ok. She's definitely our baby.

Today was Mia's 2 week check up (I actually missed our appointment on Monday so it's really an almost-3-week check up). For inquiring minds, she is weighing in at 9lbs 4oz now (75%), is 20 3/4" tall (70%), and her head measures 14 1/2" (75%). The general consensus is that she's pretty perfect. And we agree.

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Kevin Sturm said...

Maybe we should have named her Mary Poppins...perfect in almost every way.

Andy said...

ya, that would have been good. (sarcasim)

Anonymous said...

She looks precious!! This is such a great picture of her. Funny story, babe. Probably every mom has had that freakish moment of insanity when they wonder if it's really THEIR baby. It's part of being a mom, I think. - gmama
P.S. Andy is funny!! :)