Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thank you, Mor Mor!

Can I just say, for all the blog-reading-public to see, once and for all...I HAVE THE BEST MIL EVER! My sweet mother-in-law took a week off of work to come stay with us for the week after Mianna was born. Not only that, but she and my FIL had just been here the weekend before for Brody's 3rd bday party (where they graciously picked-up and purchased ALL of the party pizzas and bought extra bubbles for our bubble machine when we ran out!) & Mia's birth. They left the morning after Mia was born and then Mom made the 7 hr drive back to Santa Barbara so she could spend a week spoiling us rotten!!

Whatever! Who does that?! I should thank Dad too for sacrificing a week w/o her. I know they missed each other as they have a serious crush on each other. Dad, I understand. I'm missing Mom being here too and I only got to enjoy her for a week! Thank you!

She made life so easy for me. She let me sleep in every single morning as I adjusted to sleepless nights (plus I just really like sleeping in). She took Brody on cool field trips to the beach for ice cream and the zoo. She fed us. She washed and folded/hung every single piece of Mia clothing we own. She even played Marching Band with Brody and Daddy in the front yard. She treated us to dinners and lunches and bought Brody lots of cool prizes. She did dishes and made beds and caulked tubs! She is a servant of unbelievable proportion and I admire and respect her immensely. She also got to hold Mia a lot which I know they both thoroughly enjoyed.

I learn things from my MIL every time I'm around her. Sometimes it is as basic as realizing the many uses for paper towels and plastic bagies. Other times it's lessons on how to be a truly Godly wife and mother. I'm so impressed by her dedication to spiritual and personal growth. And I'm equally impressed by the fact that she doesn't seem to age. For the record, my MIL is just a little over 40 (wink wink).

Thank you, Mom for all that you do for us every day and thank you especially for loving my babies so dearly. We are all better people for having you in our lives. I'm a better wife, mother, daughter and woman because of your influence. Love you!
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Kevin Sturm said...

You are so awesome for loving my mom so much.

And yes thank you so much mom!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't have chosen a better set of people to share grandchildren with!!! Truly a special couple. Your love for each other is beautifully obvious! :) Debbie