Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Day Before....

I asked mom to snap a few pics of me the day before I was to delivery Baby Sister. It was a Sunday so I was about as dressed up as I ever am which also made it a good time for some pics.

I really enjoy being pregnant - I do. I feel way more comfortable with my body. I love feeling the baby move inside of me. I like the clothes! This is definitely the best time in the history of maternity clothes to be pregnant! No more moo-moos and sleeveless tank tops (what is UP with those?!). However, this pregnancy really had me ready to get it over with. I was so tired and my body ached. I couldn't play with/pick up/lay down with to read books/do pretty much anything with Brody as much as I'd like to have.

In a lot of ways it was harder than the first time. But in a lot of ways it was also way easier this time! All because of my amazing husband and his decision to work from home. I was able to take naps almost every day when Brody was napping. Obviously, this wasn't an option when I was preggo w/Brody b/c I worked full time. Those naps really saved my days...and my ankles! Since I wasn't sitting at a desk all day long, my ankles never really swelled - at least not to the degree they did the first time! Hello, tree-trunk ankles.

This pregnancy has been good. But I was definitely ready to be done. To meet this baby and to get on with our lives as a family of 4. Sweet! Posted by Picasa

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