Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

I get these expectations. I shouldn't,,,but I do. Last year Brody's birthday fell on Easter weekend and we incorporated the city's annual Saturday-before-Easter "Eggstravaganza" (to be said with a large sweeping gesture of arms) at Chase Palm Park into the festivities. It was a blast! The kids were so cute. Brody had a cool new Cars basket (thanks to Grandmama), collected a ton of chocolate eggs, saw the Easter Bunny, stole candy from other kids' baskets...just good times all around. In fact, it almost got a bit overwhelming. So many kids - too many kids - that I was constantly afraid we'd loose one. Well, I had a year to look forward to this year's "Eggstravaganza" only to be sorely disappointed. Too little eggs for the amount of kids, big kids in the little kids areas stealing up all the candy, it just didn't seem as well planned as last year. But Brody had fun, so that's all that counts. He was SUPER excited about seeing the Easter Bunny. In fact, it was the thing he remembered most about last year's egg hunt!

Every year for Easter, Reality does their service at the local high school in the outdoor amphitheater. We look forward to it every year. This year, we had several friends join us which was really special. Besides the blazing heat, it was a beautiful service as usual. Tons of decisions were made which was really touching. Afterward we had a good time playing at the Kids Fun Land where Brody got to jump in the Bounce Houses and eat sno cones. We ate delicious carne asada tacos!

We waited till after nap on Sunday to give Brody his Easter Basket so he'd actually have time to play with all the goodies. He loved all his special treats! We've gotten a lot of good play/use out of this Lightening McQueen basket. Thanks again, Grandmama!

We ran out of daylight to do egg dying yesterday so he and I attempted to color some eggs this afternoon after school. I didn't have lemon juice (random) so I used vinegar in the water. I guess that was a wrong decision because our eggs were less than brilliantly colored. Oh well. We made a good mess and have 6.5 (one broke) blue eggs to show for it.

Fun fact...Easter will not be the third week of March again for another 200+ years. I don't have the desire to actually verify this fun fact so if I'm wrong, let me know but it's the rumor I heard!

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Tessa said...

We dye ours with vinegar. I think you may need to increase the food coloring and the time you leave them in the water to get the vibrant colors. Ours always came out the same color as yours. We bought a box that had stickers to put on the eggs and one with glitter. The glitter did not show up but made a sticky mess and only half of the stickers stayed on. It think we will stick with plastic eggs next year.

Andy said...

do you end up eating the eggs?

Chrystal Sturm said...

TOTALLY. I ate blue egg salad sandwhichs for lunch the next couple of days. Yum Yum!!