Monday, March 24, 2008

Carolyn + Sasha = Precious!

Did I mention that my precious girlfriend Carolyn came for a visit the other week? She and her family were visiting family in Palm Springs and she actually carved out a couple of days to come to SB for a weekend visit! The timing couldn't have been more perfect as Kevin was out town on a men's retreat and we were super in need of distraction. I was so looking forward to our little nuggets playing together. Unfortunately, Brody has been going thru a 'turning 3' stage and was a bit of a beast the entire time. Of course, this was only made me feel terrible as just-turning-2 Sasha is a perfect angel. [Note to God: I'd like one of those, please! ] She also has a big brother who probably abuses her in little ways too but I was so embarrassed every time B decided to jerk something out of "Cha-Cha's" hands or shout "NOOOO! She's doing it wrong!!" at the top of his lungs. Ugh. I kept saying, "This is new. I promise. Two weeks ago he was the perfect little boy-man. I'm so sorry. He misses his Dad." And so on. Gracious as always, Carolyn didn't make me feel like a terrible mother or like I had a monster-child of a son. Thank you, girlfriend.

There were times when Brody was sweet and played with his blue-eyed girlfriend and life was really nice. They started off having a ball in the bathtub but rumor has it that the event ended with Brody splashing Sasha in the face and saying he wanted her to leave. I told him that I would remind him of this when they are 16 and Sasha is the unattainable beauty queen that she's destined to be. "You kicked her out of your bathtub you know."

Even tho I was big-huge pregnant we still managed to have a pretty active and really fun time. On Saturday we took the kids to the beach and they ended up sleeping for like 3 hours afterward which gave us the great opportunity to sit down on the patio, eat junk food (mostly me), drinking tea and lemonade and just visit w/o distraction. Perfect.

I love Carolyn and I love that our husbands really like each other. One day maybe we can all get together as families and do something fun. on the beaches of Mexico, possibly?? ;)

Love you C. Thanks for coming to see me. Yours truly, me.
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Tessa said...

I love Caro!!!Tell her hello and love from me!

Andy said...

Ive never met caro, but tell her hello from me too!