Sunday, March 16, 2008


I think this will be a Monday post from now on. Friday's are too hard.....And now it's Tuesday. Here we go...

1. Orangina - I literally can not get enough of it. I think about it at least once a day. If you haven't had one in a while I suggest you stay away as it is addictive. I can only find them at Trader Joe's which, thankfully, is just down the road. Brody loves them too and always ends up drinking half every tiny little bottle I drink. Stingy kid. By the way...does anyone know the proper pronunciation? In my house we say 'Orangeeena' because it is pronounced the other way around Brody we end up talking about girl and boy parts. Noteworthy: According to Wikipedia there is a blood orange flavor recently released in Europe. If only I could be so lucky!

2. Honey Nut Cheerios - Can I get a 'what what'?! For some reason Honey Nut Cheerios have been rocking my world lately! Because they boys like to totally copy-cat me, we literally go thru 2 boxes in about 5 days. Hands off my Cheerios!!! The good news is that according to their ads I am lowering my cholesterol and enjoying a heart healthy meal! Noteworthy: the Trader Joe's brand of Honey Nut O's is pretty outstanding too. On the other hand, grocery store off-brand labels...not so much.

3. Coca-Cola - I know. I can hear it now. "Why are you drinking Coke!?!". Listen, 2-3 cups of coffee a day are permissible when pregnant. The caffeine in coke isn't going to amp up this baby any more than 3 cups of coffee might. That said, I do recognize that the amount of sugar in a can of Coke is horrifying and something that should be avoided. Here is the deal...I went completely off of Cokes when I was pg w/Brody. After he was born I went off the deep end. I was drinking gallons and gallons of Coke and wondering why my nursing baby wasn't sleeping well! This time I figure I'll enjoy a Coke when I want to - without going overboard - so that I don't feel deprived and loose my mind again when baby sister comes. Allow me a Coke and a smile, wont you?

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Tessa said...

Coke does the body good! Pass it on! Don't let people tell you what to do when you are pregnant. It's your body! It's your baby! They have no right to deprive you of your joy de coke!!!!!