Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Brody Pics

I had to share of some new Brody pics. My girlfriend Cheryl [an amzing children's portrait photographer] took these pictures at the Santa Barbara Mission. Even tho Brody was sick this day she was able to totally capture his little personality and several really awesome shots. She's rad. If you're looking for some amazing pics of your little angles, call her immediately!

Background on these photos: while we were playing at the mission a bus load of teenage boys pulled up. They ended up sitting on the edge of the steps looking out at the ocean infront of them. I asked if they minded if my son sat with them for some photos and they were totally game! Turns out it was a busload of Catholic school boys heading home from a retreat in SB. Without hesitation, Brody (a dude's dude) plunked down in between them like he was just chillen with his homies and started discussing his Crocs ("croc shoes"). They were SO great to him and as I watched I got all teary eyed. Of course. One day my little bubba is going to be a grown DUDE! That's a trip. Wow.

Anyway, to check out the entire session go here. For more Cheryl pics, check out her blog.

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Cheryl May said...

Aw! I love what you've done with them! :)