Sunday, July 29, 2007


circa 2001

Kevie and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary last Friday. FIVE YEARS!?! My goodness how the time flies when you are married to the most amazingly sweet, gorgeous, kind, gentle, gorgeous, understanding, patient, genius, gorgeous, Christ focused, leader of a man! Did I mention gorgeous? I am so humbled by God's goodness. What on earth did I do to deserve this man? Nothing. God's grace and goodness are an absolute gift that a wretch like me could never ever deserve. I'm gushing. I know. But when I think about the fact that the man sitting next to me (on his laptop as well) is my forever boyfriend, partner and best just makes me gush!

I'd post pictures but they are all on his computer thanks to the new camera I got him (us) for your anniv. Check them out here. But let me tell you about what he did for ME! My mom happened to be in town last week and was supposed to leave on Thursday morning. Kevin worked out a way for mom to stay thru Sunday morning so that he could whisk me off to unknown lands! We just told me to pack and be read and so I was. I had NO idea where we could be going but when we started heading North I thought...BACARA! ;) Then we took 154 and I thought...EL CAPITAN! But we kept cruising and I was totally at a loss. I'm not a big 'guesser' anyway but he really stumped me. Turns out we went WINE TASTING for the first time in either of our combined 19 years of living in SB (K-13; C-6)!! It was a perfect choice and I was more thrilled than I would have been at either of my previously mentioned guesses. We stayed at The Meadowlark Inn which at first glance reminded me of a quaint Bates Motel (minus the scary house on the hill). But upon further inspection was actually quite lovely...and we had a hot tub! ;) Then we set off for a wine tasting tour with a local legend, Brigitte Guehr of Brigette's Restaurant (now Opal). We had SO much fun talking about local food & restaurant with Brigitte and hope to get a chance to visit with her again soon.

Wonderful time. Great planning, S.S.S.Sturm. Happy Anniversary, my love.


King Family said...

Happy Anniversary Kevin and Chrystal! 5 years is such a big milestone. You are both so blessed to have found each other. Your family is wonderful and I love reading about your life in picturesque SB. Love you. Staci

Kevin Sturm said...

I love you too sweetie. It takes someone with a special heart to love a skinny pasty-white guy that is losing his hair and lost just about any resemblance of what might have been muscle.

P.S. I know that from flexing in the mirror every morning...I'm still thinking maybe they'll come back.

Tessa said...

Happy Happy Happy ANNNNNIIIIVVEERSARRRYYYY. (pretend I am singing) Such a fun trip! I am so proud of Kevito for planning a rendevous such as that! Verrry Impressed and a hot tub no less. I bet he got some hot lovin!

Why is he losing his muscle? Is he sick? Is there something I should know?

Chrystal Sturm said... are the studliest man on earth. And I didn't marry you for your muscle mass, my love. I did married you for your amazing humility tho. And your gorgeousness. Oooohhhh, I love you!