Monday, July 09, 2007

Have you EVER!??!

I don't want to brag...but honestly? Have you EVER seen a more handsome baby?! This is his a rare photo where B is actually looking at the camera. It shows his big gorgeous black eyes (his dad's) and his big full lips (his mom's) and that massive amount of hair on that massive amount of head (also from his mom). Be still my heart!

I was thinking today about how hard the first year was for me. I feel like some people might think I'm a cold person or something for admitting that the first year was not much fun for me but it's the truth. I probably should have been on a hormone medicine of some sort or in therapy or whatever but at the end of the day - it was just rough for me. I tried to concentrate on taking one day at a time and I really made conscious decisions to appreciate the hard times because I knew even then that it would go by quickly. I knew that he was one day going to get too big for me carry in a cradle position so I needed to revel in the moment even if I was so tired I was in tears. The first year was long, for sure.

But my next thought was how quickly the second year went by. It literally flew by and now he's already a quarter of the way to being THREE. I am quite certain that the next few years will pass in a moment and all of a sudden he'll be 7....13....19. How absurd! I'm already thankful for the sleepless nights in that first year where I got to hold him in my arms, rocking, praying for every part of his little body that God might grow him into a warrior for His kingdom. What a little man he is. Be still my heart, indeed.
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