Monday, July 09, 2007

Fourth of July 2007

Independence Day in Santa Barbara is a big deal. And let me tell you, the Sturms know how to do it right!! This year Mom and Dad Sturm and the Mathi3 joined us for a few days of fun-filled festivities. We swam in the pool at the El Prado, played at our favorite park, enjoyed some fine morsels at East Beach, spent lots of time relaxing on our new little fabulous patio, caught a little bit of the ghetto 4th of July parade, celebrated Dad's 57th birthday and OF COURSE continued the tradition of watching the beachside fireworks show from our custom built sand recycler!

This year things got a little out of control as we ended up carrying everything but the living room couch onto the beach with us. Having three toddlers with us made the transportation more difficult than the past years but the 3 coolers, 2 tents, pop-up table, 3 chairs, 4 blankets, full size shovel, bucket of beach toys, 3 diaper bags and 1 little red wagon really put us over the edge of acceptable beachside materials. But we sure did have fun! Next year we've agreed to slim down the equipment a bit :)

I'm trying to remember all the 4th of July's since I've been in SB. Can anyone help me fill in the blanks?
2002 - My first year in Santa Barbara....we were not married yet....don't remember details
2003 - Married....don't remember details
2004 - Beachside with just Mom & Dad Sturm...I think this is when the chicken tender tradition started?
2005 - Brody is 3 months old; I'm a stress case; Sturms, Mathi and entire Jano family here; Brody was enraptured by the fireworks!
2006 - 1st year to attend Bradley's party; beachside with Sue, Cara, Kev & Bubba [Sturms didn't come this year due to Dad's cancer]
2007 - Beachside fun with Sturms & Mathi!!!

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