Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Composting My Thoughts

Kevin's Aunt and Uncle were green way before it was the v. cool thing it has become. They have this massive garden in their back yard that they fertilize with compost. Until we visited them last summer I had no idea what composting was...I was secretly shocked to discover that they scrape food into a bowl beneath their sink rather than throw it down the disposal or trash can like 'normal' people. But ever since that trip I can't get the idea out of my head. We throw so much usable food away! And when I found out that paper products (including paper towels and napkins) could be added to the compost heap...well, I'm literally intrigued. Poor Kevin. He knows he's fighting a losing battle here. Eventually we will have a compost bin and there's a good chance that he'll be the one managing it - but I promise to try!

I know that this green thing has become very popular and trendy as of late. But it's better than other fads (think tie-dying and neon colors), right? Hopefully this fad sticks. I'm sure everyone has changed their light bulbs already but if you haven't yet go by Costco and get the mega-pack of florescent bulbs and replace regular bulbs as many as you can. The savings on your electric bill should be immediate. We're also biking as much as possible - our cars usually sit parked all weekend long. We try to eat locally whenever possible. Completely unplugging appliances from the outlet when we're not using them. Recycling, of course. We use our own bags at the grocery stores and limit the bags we take from department stores when shopping. Trader Joe's Super Amazing Kitchen Cloth (like the Method microfibers) are awesome and our wicked cool new dryer balls are genius. I mean, we're never going to be 100% green - you'll never separate me from my TV and we will not be changing our shower heads anytime soon but we do what we can. Every little bit helps. Until we have the space and time to whip up some biofuel in our garage or have the finances to outfit our roof with solar panels, these things are going to have to do.

I'm also feeling really guilty about diapers right now. We're working on getting B out of diapers altogether now but in 2.5 years, we've added a bunch of dirty nappies to the ever increasing pile of poo-filled packages filling our land fills every year. And what's worse - I put dirty dipes in plastic grocery bags. UGH! Yes, I've heard of cloth diapers and no, they are not the solution I'm looking for! Next time around, I'll give the organic disposable dipes a try. I'll go broke doing it but at least I'll be doing my part. Are you?

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