Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bubba's first ER visit

As you know, we've started potty training recently. We've had several tee-tees and a few do-dos. We've making some excellent progress.

Well, last Thursday [about 20 minutes after my Niecey post] Brody woke up crying, panting/grunting, and literally shaking saying that his tummy hurt. He'd been complaining of upset tummy since waking up from his nap that afternoon. My suspicion was that he needed to take a poop. We had tried sitting on the potty a few times already with no results. And it occurred to us that he hadn't pooped in at least 2 days.

We were obviously concerned and decided we should take him to the ER. We got into the ER around midnight and left at 3AM. Three hours and $100 later, we had a successful BM. Bless his heart!

He had settled down about an hour after getting to the ER and was all playful and funny and WIDE awake. I mean, getting to hang out with Mommy and Daddy at was Brody's wildest dream come true! He's fine now. We think the upset tummy was either due to potty-training stress or too much dairy.

And we're cutting down on Brody's dairy intake :)


Tim Halberg said...

hehe..... so brody got to go the ER just to take a dump?

That's AWESOME!!!

Chrystal Sturm said...

Yep...a bunch of golf-ball sized turds with a gross dog food like gravy on top! ;)

King Family said...

poor little brody. so glad he's ok.