Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mia: Month Two

Dearest Mia,

You are two months old. How can that be? Can I just start by telling you that if you knew better you'd be so proud of your dear old mom! When your Bubba was your age today, I was a mess. Your Daddy would come home from work as close to 5:30 as possible to find me sweating, on the verge of tears, and probably a little blurry eyed. Brody never slept. You are always sleeping. I spent the first year of Brody's like trying to get that baby to SLEEP. Once he was asleep, the house had to be completely quite. No one was allowed to speak, move or think too loudly lest we wake the baby. Because I was insane. When he slept, I slept. This is not a luxury I have you, my sweet but that's ok. And I'll tell you why.

Your Dad.

When I was pregnant with you, I was terrified I would be a stress-case like I was with Bubba. I worried that at the end of the day I would be doubly exhausted, doubly moody and doubly depressed. I thought, "We have to move to Texas". I thought I needed a larger support group and the only place I would be able to get that was in Texas. What I hadn't really understood at the time was how perfect our situation was going to be. And that even if we wanted to move to Texas the market was going to tank and we weren't going to be able to sell our house for what we need to sell it for anyway. But that's for another post...

Your Daddy left his company in October of 2007. I was already two months pregnant. This was not what we expected. We were trying to get pregnant but didn't think for a second that it would happen on our first attempt! You see, it took us a year and a half and lots and lots of prayers with Brody. We anticipated a longer 'trying' period with you. Lo and behold, God had a better, more perfect plan.

I found out I was pregnant when I was 6 weeks along...because this is when I became very sick. We were shocked and ecstatic and worried and nauseated but 100% thankful for God's goodness. Two months later, Daddy went solo with his own company and started working from home.

While I was sick he picked up ALL the slack. He did most of the cooking, cleaning and shopping. He took and picked up Bubba from preschool. He found errands to run with Bubba in the evening so I could moan and groan in solitude. He was patient and understanding when I couldn't exactly explain the feeling ("It's a mix of the flu, a hangover and food poisoning...") but knew for sure that I needed to sleep A LOT. Your Dad is and always will be my knight in shining armor. He'll be yours too, Mimi.

Because he works from home he is (unfortunately-for-him at times) always accessible. I'm able to work while Brody is at school or go somewhere with Brody when he's not at school because you sleep for the three hours that I'm gone and when you don't, Daddy will get you and take care of you. I get to run errands when you are both asleep in the afternoon. And I can take you somewhere while Bubbas napping all because your Daddy is here! If you're awake and it's time for Brody to nap, he'll often take over with one of you. He does Bubba's night-time routine every single night so that I can get you to bed. It's truly a tag-team partnership. We're the Iceman King Parsons and Rocky Johnson. We're the freaking Von Erich's, Sweetheart. It's beautiful! Most Mommy's don't have these luxuries, my dear. I am so blessed.

So, for now, Santa Barbara is where we get to be. I don't feel like I need that support team. I'm not worried for my sanity or your safety! And we'll live in Santa Barbara as long as we can so that you get to think that living on the beach, hiking in the mountains, year-round perfect weather and weekly festivals are normal things. We get to because God is good and He gave us your Daddy.

This post sort of turned more into a Father's Day praise report but I'm good with that. It's all true. {Honey, can this count as my Father's Day essay?}

We are so in love with you, Sister. Your precious new 'coos'. Your plump little thighs. Your sweet smell. Your strong little neck that holds up your always moving little noggin which houses your extremely observant beautiful little eyes balls. You are mild and cuddly and can swak like a parrot on crack. This week you started sleeping form 8pm to 5am and then again till at least 8:30am. You're the best, Baby. The best baby ever.


Kevin Sturm said...

She seriously is the best baby, and I'm not sure I deserve that kind of praise.

I've been in a bit of a funk lately which makes me harder to live with. But man am I lucky or what to get this kind of public attention.

Love you sweetie.

Matt & Heather said...

Hello you wonderful family of four...This is Heather Richter...Have a told you how cute you all are (I mean...the guys are handsome)? Anyway, I am thrilled about how thrilled you are about parenthood and I couldn't me more happy for you.

On another note...Since you are into hair bows, here is a website from a former "Westmonster". She has recently started a hairbow business that is for a cause. Check it